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Jan 07, 2017

Miss Sharon Jones! 2015 4.0/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This uplifting documentary follows R&B singer Sharon Jones's battle with pancreatic cancer while keeping her band intact for a return to the stage. Sharon Jones dir. Barbara Kopple 94 minutes Jan 07, 2017 354

Jan 01, 2017

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 2011 2.9/5 NYT Review G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Teen idol Justin Bieber provides personal snapshots from throughout his career, culminating with scenes from his triumphant 2010 concert tour. Justin Bieber, Ludacris, Usher, Jaden Smith dir. Jon M. Chu 105 minutes Jan 01, 2017 14

Dec 15, 2016

This Is the Life 2008 2.6/5 TV-MA SD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Examine how the group of alternative hip-hop artists known as the Good Lifers started a movement and created a robust, progressive musical community. Abstract Rude, Chali 2na, Cut Chemist, Ellay Khule dir. Ava DuVernay 97 minutes Dec 15, 2016 23

Dec 11, 2016

Breaking a Monster 2015 3.4/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In this documentary, the Brooklyn teenage heavy-metal street band Unlocking the Truth launches into the big leagues of touring and the music industry. dir. Luke Meyer 92 minutes Dec 11, 2016 210

Dec 02, 2016

Hip-Hop Evolution / Season 1 2016 4.4/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page trailer Interviews with influential MCs, DJs and moguls trace the genre's dynamic evolution from the 1970s through the 1990s in this documentary series. Dec 02, 2016 4 episodes

Dec 01, 2016

Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives 2015 4.4/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This documentary focuses on the origins and popularity of New York radio hosts Stretch and Bobbito, who opened up the world to hip-hop in the 1990s. Bobbito Garcia, Stretch Armstrong dir. Bobbito Garcia 98 minutes Dec 01, 2016 82

Nov 15, 2016

Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child 2010 4.1/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Vintage concert footage, personal artifacts and his intimate musings reveal the private side of the life and career of rock-guitar god Jimi Hendrix. Bootsy Collins dir. Bob Smeaton 90 minutes Nov 15, 2016 458

Nov 14, 2016

History of the Eagles 2013 4.4/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Stories from band members and music industry insiders paint a vivid picture of the Eagles, one of America's most successful bands. Eagles, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh dir. Alison Ellwood 187 minutes Nov 14, 2016 190

Nov 02, 2016

BMF: The Rise and Fall of a Hip-Hop Drug Empire 2012 3.8/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Record label BMF Entertainment is known less for its hip-hop acts and more for its role as the front for a $300 million cocaine trafficking operation. Wayne Joyner, Demetrius Flenory, Terry Flenory, Charles Flenory dir. Don Sikorski 62 minutes Nov 02, 2016 155

Oct 31, 2016

Beware of Mr. Baker 2012 4.1/5  98%  86% NYT Critics' Pick NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Legendary and indestructible rock drummer Ginger Baker is the focus of this documentary, which recaps his turbulent history and many influences. Ginger Baker, John Lydon, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce dir. Jay Bulger 92 minutes Oct 31, 2016 290

Oct 05, 2016

It's So Easy and Other Lies 2016 3.6/5  17%  60% TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This inspiring documentary charts the journey of Guns N' Roses bass guitarist Duff McKagan from hard-partying rock-'n'-roll wild man to sobriety. Duff McKagan, Slash, Matt Sorum, Nikki Sixx dir. Christopher Duddy 84 minutes Oct 05, 2016 919

Sep 15, 2016

Sample This 2012 3.6/5 TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This doc traces the impact of the Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache," which played a key role in the birth of hip-hop after Kool Herc began sampling it. Gene Simmons dir. Dan Forrer 83 minutes Sep 15, 2016 245

Sep 03, 2016

Mad Tiger 2015 3.0/5  60%  60% TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Confusion and antipathy escalate between two best friends when one decides to quit Peelander-Z, the outlandish punk band the pair founded together. dir. Jonathan Yi, Michael Haertlein 81 minutes Sep 03, 2016 182

Aug 19, 2016

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 2016 4.0/5  33% TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Superstar DJ Steve Aoki reflects on the driving force behind his career: his ambitious father, Benihana founder and perennial daredevil Rocky Aoki. Steve Aoki dir. Justin Krook 79 minutes Aug 19, 2016 194

Aug 15, 2016

Take Me to the River 2014 3.9/5  70%  49% NYT Review PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer R&B and soul legends team up with contemporary hip-hop artists to record an album celebrating the boundary-breaking Memphis music scene. Terrence Howard dir. Martin Shore 99 minutes Aug 15, 2016 122

Aug 01, 2016

Young@Heart 2007 3.7/5 PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer The Young@Heart chorus, a group of senior citizens, thrills audiences worldwide with their unusual -- and unusually poignant -- covers of rock songs. Joe Benoit, Helen Boston, Louise Canady, Elaine Fligman dir. Stephen Walker, Sally George 108 minutes Aug 01, 2016 1

Jun 27, 2016

Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation 2012 3.8/5 NR HD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This documentary blends interviews and archival footage to profile the folk music legends who transformed the New York neighborhood in the 1960s. Susan Sarandon, Pete Seeger, Carly Simon, Judy Collins dir. Laura Archibald 92 minutes Jun 27, 2016 12

Jun 13, 2016

Reincarnated 2012 3.8/5  30%  42% IMDb R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Vice magazine's Andy Capper follows rapper Snoop Dogg on a pilgrimage to Jamaica, where he rechristens himself Snoop Lion, a reggae artist. Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Bunny Wailer dir. Andy Capper 95 minutes Jun 13, 2016 1

Jun 01, 2016

Janis: Little Girl Blue 2015 4.3/5  91%  79% TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In this portrait of 1960s rock legend Janis Joplin, private letters and interviews with family, friends and fellow musicians reveal a fragile soul. Cat Power dir. Amy Berg 103 minutes Jun 01, 2016 730

May 15, 2016

Armin van Buuren: This Was Intense 2015 3.6/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Celebrity DJ and producer Armin van Buuren mounts an ambitious spectacle of a tour, bringing it to half a million people around the globe. Armin van Buuren dir. Chiem van Houweninge Jr. 55 minutes May 15, 2016 164

May 01, 2016

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream 2007 4.3/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Explore the history of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, including Petty's famous collaborations and notorious clashes with the record industry. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers dir. Peter Bogdanovich 238 minutes May 01, 2016 710

Apr 01, 2016

Lemmy 2010 4.2/5  100% IMDb NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Follow legendary musician and Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister around the world for three years and gain insight into all aspects of his life. Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead, Triple H, Dave Grohl dir. Greg Olliver, Wes Orshoski 116 minutes Apr 01, 2016 503
Revenge of the Mekons 2014 3.0/5  88%  100% IMDb 7.3/10 (57) NYT Critics' Pick NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This rock documentary tells the true story of adventurous punk band the Mekons, one of the most innovative and prolific groups of their era. Jon Langford, Sally Timms, Rico Bell, Lu Edmonds dir. Joe Angio 96 minutes Apr 01, 2016 229

Mar 24, 2016

Ain't in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm 2010 3.9/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This eye-opening documentary examines what happened after Levon Helm's The Band dissolved, and the demons that haunted Helm until his solo comeback. Levon Helm, Larry Campbell, Libby Titus, Billy Bob Thornton dir. Jacob Hatley 82 minutes Mar 24, 2016 19