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The 10 Year Plan 2014 3.5/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Afraid of being alone forever, two friends agree to become a couple if they're still single in 10 years. A decade later, they're not so sure. Jack Turner, Michael Adam Hamilton, Moronai Kanekoa, Teri Reeves dir. J.C. Calciano 92 minutes Dec 01, 2016 63
4th Man Out 2015 4.1/5  55%  78% IMDb 6.7/10 (3.0k) NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A young mechanic comes out to his extremely straight best friends. Once they get used to the idea, they're determined to help him find the right guy. Evan Todd, Parker Young, Chord Overstreet, Jon Gabrus dir. Andrew Nackman 86 minutes May 05, 2016 160
All About E 2015 2.7/5 25% IMDb 4.7/10 (493) NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A successful DJ hits the road with some ill-gotten cash and ends up taking refuge with the girlfriend she thought she'd lost forever. Mandahla Rose, Brett Rogers, Julia Billington, Simon Bolton dir. Louise Wadley 96 minutes Mar 15, 2016 7
All Yours 2014 2.5/5 71% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A young hustler crosses the ocean to live with a middle-aged baker he met online, but he soon falls for the baker's beautiful young shop girl instead. Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Monia Chokri, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Achille Ridolfi dir. David Lambert 103 minutes Sep 01, 2015 112
Beginners 2011 3.7/5  84%  77% IMDb 7.2/10 (73k) NYT Review R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This absorbing drama follows a graphic artist as he comes to grips with the imminent death of his father, who, at 75, has one last secret: He's gay. Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Mélanie Laurent, Goran Visnjic dir. Mike Mills 104 minutes 4 Awards 2 Nominations Sep 16, 2014 124
Eat with Me 2014 3.6/5 38% IMDb 7.0/10 (670) NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A gay Chinese chef whose restaurant faces foreclosure tries to find new love with a blue-eyed Brit and acceptance from his newly separated mother. Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, George Takei dir. David Au 95 minutes Aug 01, 2015 67
Eisenstein in Guanajuato 2015 2.5/5  59%  56% IMDb 6.4/10 (1.4k) UR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In 1931, famed Soviet director Sergei Eisenstein's trip to make a film about Mexico's history becomes a journey of personal and creative awakening. Elmer Back, Luis Alberti, José Montini, Cristina Velasco Lozano dir. Peter Greenaway 105 minutes May 10, 2016 17
Floating! 2015 2.0/5 0% IMDb NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A bride-to-be ends up on a rafting trip with a surprise guest: the sperm donor she's planning to use. Back in Berlin, her fiancée is visited by an ex. Julia Becker, Jakob Renger, Anna König, Nina Bernards dir. Julia C. Kaiser 86 minutes Jul 01, 2016 10
Front Cover 2015 3.5/5  89%  88% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A relationship develops between a gay Asian photographer and the guarded Chinese movie star he's been hired to photograph for a fashion magazine. Jake Choi, James Chen, Jennifer Neala Page, Sonia Villani dir. Ray Yeung 86 minutes Oct 18, 2016 142
G.B.F. 2013 3.7/5 R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer When Tanner is outed as a school's only openly gay student, three popular girls engage in an epic fight to acquire him as their "Gay Best Friend." Michael J. Willett, Paul Iacono, Sasha Pieterse, Andrea Bowen dir. Darren Stein 92 minutes Apr 12, 2014 4
Heterosexual Jill 2013 2.2/5  20% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Jill will do anything to prove that she's no longer a lesbian, including forcing her ex-girlfriend to go on a date with her to show her disinterest. Jen McPherson, Michelle Ehlen, Keye Chen, Shaela Cook dir. Michelle Ehlen 79 minutes Jun 01, 2015 47
Hurricane Bianca 2016 3.9/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Fired for being gay, schoolteacher Richard returns in drag as force-of-nature Bianca, gets hired for the same job and plots sweet, scornful revenge. Roy Haylock, Bianca Leigh, Denton Blane Everett, Willam Belli dir. Matt Kugelman 84 minutes Jan 01, 2017 96
Jenny's Wedding 2015 3.3/5  14%  34% IMDb 5.5/10 (5.7k) NYT Review PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer When Jenny plans to marry her girlfriend, she decides it's time that her family, who doesn't know that she's a lesbian, finally learns the truth. Katherine Heigl, Tom Wilkinson, Linda Emond, Grace Gummer dir. Mary Agnes Donoghue 94 minutes Dec 01, 2015 5
Me Him Her 2015 3.2/5  33%  59% IMDb 5.2/10 (495) NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer When TV star Brendan realizes he's gay, he asks his old pal Cory for help coming out. But Cory's own entanglements threaten to derail the mission. Luke Bracey, Dustin Milligan, Emily Meade, Angela Sarafyan dir. Max Landis 97 minutes Jul 18, 2016 136
Me, Myself and Her 2015 2.8/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Two women -- a restaurateur and an architect -- have a seemingly idyllic romantic relationship, until the latter encounters a man she once loved. Margherita Buy, Sabrina Ferilli, Fausto Maria Sciarappa, Alessia Barela dir. Maria Sole Tognazzi 102 minutes Feb 06, 2017 40
Other People 2016 3.7/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After a bad breakup, a struggling New York comedy writer tries to don a brave face and care for his dying mother in Sacramento. Jesse Plemons, Molly Shannon, Bradley Whitford, Maude Apatow dir. Chris Kelly 97 minutes Dec 08, 2016 724
The Pink Mirror 2003 1.9/5 NR SD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Two Indian drag queens and a Westernized teenager try to seduce a hunky heartthrob in this Bollywood-style short film. Edwin Fernandes, Ramesh Menon, Rishi Raj, Rufy Baqal dir. Sridhar Rangayan 35 minutes Nov 03, 2016 24
Portrait of a Serial Monogamist 2015 2.1/5  67%  67% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Restless in relationships, TV producer Elsie suspects she may have made a mistake when she breaks up with her girlfriend to pursue a younger woman. Diane Flacks, Carolyn Taylor, Vanessa Dunn, Shoshana Sperling dir. John Mitchell, Christina Zeidler 85 minutes Jun 01, 2016 9
Such Good People 2014 2.7/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A couple is surprised when they find a pile of cash hidden in their friends' house. But when their friends die suddenly, surprise turns to temptation. Michael Urie, Randy Harrison, Carrie Wiita, Rick Overton dir. Stewart Wade 98 minutes Sep 01, 2015 0
Tangerine 2015 3.3/5  97%  77% IMDb 7.1/10 (12k) NYT Critics' Pick R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Fresh out of a stint in jail, transgender prostitute Sin-Dee and her pal Alexandra hit the crazy streets of LA to get revenge on her fickle pimp. Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, Karren Karagulian, Mickey O'Hagan dir. Sean Baker 87 minutes Dec 02, 2015 30
That's Not Us 2015 2.7/5  68% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer A late-summer weekend gathering at the beach turns into a relationship quasi-workshop for three couples whose unspoken tensions rise to the surface. Mark Berger, Sarah Wharton, Nicole Pursell, David Rysdahl dir. William Sullivan 98 minutes Apr 19, 2016 17