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Released 2018

Hari Kondabolu: Warn Your Relatives 2018 2.6/5 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Hari Kondabolu breaks down identity politics, celebrity encounters, his mango obsession and more in an unpredictable stand-up comedy special. Hari Kondabolu dir. Bobcat Goldthwait 67 minutes May 08, 2018 60

Released 2017

Patton Oswalt: Annihilation 2017 1.8/5 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer By turns scathing and candid, Patton Oswalt reflects on the glut of comic material in the Trump era and the dark days following a personal tragedy. Patton Oswalt dir. Bobcat Goldthwait 66 minutes Oct 17, 2017 437

Released 2016

Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills 2016 2.0/5 TV-MA UltraHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer The stand-up sensation tackles TV's "Shark Tank," what it means to be a woman and how to deal with the lawless party goblin that lives in us all. Iliza Shlesinger dir. Bobcat Goldthwait 77 minutes Sep 23, 2016 476
Skylanders Academy 2016 3.4/5 TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Travel the vast Skylander universe in this animated series as a ragtag group of academy graduates build trust and heart in their fight against evil. Justin Long, Ashley Tisdale, Jonathan Banks, Chris Diamantopoulos Oct 28, 2016 358

Released 2015

Call Me Lucky 2015 3.0/5  84%  79% IMDb 7.6/10 (1.2k) NYT Review NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This film chronicles the varied career of bombastic comic and social critic Barry Crimmins and the painful past that inspired his peaceful activism. Barry Crimmins dir. Bobcat Goldthwait 105 minutes Nov 13, 2015 683
Eugene Mirman: Vegan on His Way to the Complain Store 2015 3.0/5 75% TV-14 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Stand-up comedian Eugene Mirman takes his act to the Wild West, where he riffs on everything from Internet dating sites to bathroom signs. Eugene Mirman dir. Bobcat Goldthwait 64 minutes Jul 15, 2015 750

Released 2002

Mickey's House of Villains 2002 2.7/5  57% IMDb 6.5/10 (1.7k) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer The nefarious Jafar has assembled a team of Disney baddies to take over Mickey's House of Mouse and turn it into the House of Villains. Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Jeff Bennett, Susanne Blakeslee dir. Jamie Mitchell, Tony Craig 68 minutes Nov 01, 2013 25

Released 1997

Hercules 1997 3.9/5 NYT Review G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer The heavenly Hercules is stripped of his immortality and raised on Earth instead of Olympus, where he's forced to take on Hades and assorted monsters. Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito, James Woods, Susan Egan dir. Ron Clements, John Musker 94 minutes 1 Nomination Sep 01, 2017 68