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Released 2015

Soaked in Bleach 2015 2.1/5  30%  77% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt Cobain a few days before his death shares a side of the tragedy not revealed in official reports. Sarah Scott, Pat Asanti, Daniel Roebuck, Kurt Cobain dir. Benjamin Statler 89 minutes Nov 15, 2015 991

Released 1998

Kurt & Courtney 1998 1.6/5 NYT Review R SD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This film charts Nirvana's Kurt Cobain's rise to fame, his drug-addled romance with Courtney Love and the conspiracy theories surrounding his death. Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love dir. Nick Broomfield 95 minutes Feb 02, 2016 0