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Released 2005

Kronk's New Groove 2005 2.6/5  0%  41% G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Mischief and mayhem reign in this animated sequel when Kronk, the sorceress Yzma's bodybuilder assistant, finds out his father is coming to visit. Patrick Warburton, Tracey Ullman, Eartha Kitt, David Spade dir. Saul Blinkoff, Elliot M. Bour 75 minutes Sep 09, 2013 23
Pooh's Heffalump Movie 2005 2.4/5  79%  70% IMDb NYT Review G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and the lovable residents of the Hundred Acre Wood embark on a journey of discovery in search of the elusive Heffalump. Brenda Blethyn, Jim Cummings, Kath Soucie, Nikita Hopkins dir. Frank Nissen 68 minutes Jan 01, 2016 21

Released 2003

Piglet's Big Movie 2003 2.5/5  71%  65% NYT Review G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Timid little Piglet must overcome his lack of confidence and save his endangered friends of the Hundred Acre Wood by using his "Book of Memories." John Fiedler, Jim Cummings, Andre Stojka, Kath Soucie dir. Francis Glebas 75 minutes Jul 01, 2015 87

Released 2002

Mickey's House of Villains 2002 2.8/5  57% IMDb 6.5/10 (1.7k) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer The nefarious Jafar has assembled a team of Disney baddies to take over Mickey's House of Mouse and turn it into the House of Villains. Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Jeff Bennett, Susanne Blakeslee dir. Jamie Mitchell, Tony Craig 68 minutes Nov 01, 2013 25

Released 1997

Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin 1997 2.5/5  38%  73% G SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer It's time for Christopher Robin to go to school, but he's reluctant to break the news to best buddy Winnie the Pooh, and he finally leaves a note. Misunderstanding the situation, Pooh believes Christopher needs to be rescued from Skull Island. Frankie J. Galasso, Steven Schatzberg, Dylan Watson, Brady Bluhm dir. Karl Geurs 76 minutes Oct 01, 2016 73