Jorge Michel Grau 4 matches

Released 2016

7:19 2016 1.5/5 TV-MA SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After a devastating earthquake hits Mexico City, trapped survivors from all walks of life wait to be rescued while trying desperately to stay alive. Demián Bichir, Héctor Bonilla, Oscar Serrano, Azalia Ortiz dir. Jorge Michel Grau 92 minutes Dec 23, 2016 148

Released 2015

Big Sky 2015 1.6/5  20%  7% NYT Review NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer An agoraphobic teen en route to a treatment center with her mother must confront her biggest fear when they're attacked in the middle of the desert. Bella Thorne, Kyra Sedgwick, Frank Grillo, Aaron Tveit dir. Jorge Michel Grau 95 minutes Jan 04, 2016 3

Released 2014

México Bárbaro 2014 1.9/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer Eight tales featuring boogeymen, trolls, demons, ghosts, zombies and Mayan imps from Mexico's darkest legends make up this horror anthology. Dulce Alexa, Sara Camacho, Gabriel Carter, Lorena Gonzalez dir. Isaac Ezban, Laurette Flores Bornn 114 minutes Apr 03, 2016 2

Released 2012

The ABCs of Death 2012 2.0/5 NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In this audacious anthology film, 26 masters of horror work their way down the alphabet with terrifying, humorous and poignant tales about death. Eva Llorach, Miquel Insua, Harold Torres, Juanita Ringeling dir. Nacho Vigalondo, Adrián García Bogliano 129 minutes Jun 20, 2013 79