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Released 2016

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage 2016 3.2/5 R SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After becoming stranded in the Philippine Sea during World War II, a tenacious Navy crew faces a dire lack of supplies and a string of shark attacks. Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Matt Lanter dir. Mario Van Peebles 130 minutes Mar 25, 2017 777

Released 2015

Submerged 2015 3.0/5  29%  16% NR SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer When the kidnapping of a controversial corporate figure's daughter goes awry, her limo careens off a bridge, leaving the survivors trapped underwater. Jonathan Bennett, Talulah Riley, Rosa Salazar, Samuel Hunt dir. Steven C. Miller 98 minutes May 03, 2016 4

Released 2014

Once Upon a Time / Season 4 2014 3.0/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Series Netflix Page trailer This season, Emma's life is in jeopardy after Elsa traps her in an ice cave, and Regina wonders whether a future with Robin Hood is in the cards. Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas dir. Mario Van Peebles Aug 28, 2015 23 episodes

Released 2011

Once Upon a Time 2011 4.8/5 TV-PG SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer In this fantasy series, a young woman is drawn to a small Maine town and discovers that it's filled with elements of the fairy tale world. Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle, Jared Gilmore, Jennifer Morrison dir. Mario Van Peebles, Ralph Hemecker Aug 30, 2013 345

Released 1991

Triumph of the Heart 1991 3.0/5 TV-PG SD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer This drama tells the tale of Ricky Bell, a pro running back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who died of a muscle disease in the prime of his career. Mario Van Peebles, Susan Ruttan, Lane R. Davis, Lynn Whitfield dir. Richard Michaels 92 minutes Oct 01, 2011 11

Released 1987

Jaws: The Revenge 1987 1.9/5 NYT Review PG-13 SuperHD Play Queue Netflix Page trailer After another deadly shark attack, Ellen Brody has had enough of Amity Island and moves to the Caribbean -- but a great white shark follows her there. Lorraine Gary, Lance Guest, Mario Van Peebles, Karen Young dir. Joseph Sargent 89 minutes 6 Nominations Sep 01, 2017 31