Pick a random title Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams

2002 3.0/5 IMDb 5.1/10 (45k) PG HD 100 minutes

Spy kids Carmen and Juni Cortez team up with two other pint-size secret agents, Gary and Gerti Giggles, in order to take on an evil scientist.

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Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa PenaVega, Daryl Sabara, Steve Buscemi, Mike Judge, Danny Trejo, Cheech Marin, Matt O'Leary, Emily Osment, Ricardo Montalban, Holland Taylor, Alan Cumming Directed by Robert Rodriguez

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Languages: English, Spanish

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Given the appeal of his first movie, Rodriguez had a big act to follow. Spy Kids ' progeny, though slightly lacking in the warmth of the first, should no doubt please audiences.

Claudia Puig, USA Today, 2002-08-09


With Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, the Spy Kids franchise establishes itself as a durable part of the movie landscape: a James Bond series for kids.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, 2002-08-09


You don't have to be a child to enjoy Spy Kids 2, but it certainly helps.

Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune, 2002-08-09


There's enough here to keep the sequel rocking, providing you can leave the adult in you at the door.

Robert Denerstein, Denver Rocky Mountain News, 2002-08-09


Director Robert Rodriguez has once again caught lightning in a bottle.

James Berardinelli, ReelViews, 2002-08-09


Manages to be wholesome and subversive at the same time.

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post, 2002-08-07


The continued good chemistry between Carmen and Juni is what keeps this slightly disappointing sequel going, with enough amusing banter -- blessedly curse-free -- to keep both kids and parents entertained.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star, 2002-08-07


For Spy Kids 2 the seams are well-hidden and a more relaxed Rodriguez is inside working his feng-shui mojo, rearranging rooms to widen the flow of inspiration. The result is a truly daft but wholly organic world fueled by free association.

Tom Keogh, Seattle Times, 2002-08-07


Lacks the inspiration of the original and has a bloated plot that stretches the running time about 10 minutes past a child's interest and an adult's patience. But it also has many of the things that made the first one charming.

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle, 2002-08-07


Robert Rodriguez follows up his 2001 smash with another comic fantasy that'll please adults as much as kids.

Stephanie Zacharek, Salon.com, 2002-08-07


The imagery snaps and pops with such jumpy, carefree energy that the movie seems to be making itself up as it goes along.

Gene Seymour, Newsday, 2002-08-07


[Spy Kids 2] is both overblown and overlong compared to the original -- but happily has enough heart and smarts to recommend it as one of the season's worthier family entertainments.

Lou Lumenick, New York Post, 2002-08-07


Spy Kids 2 also happens to be that rarity among sequels: It actually improves upon the original hit movie.

Kevin Courrier, Globe and Mail, 2002-08-07


Rodriguez seems to be trying too hard to cram in too much - more gadgets, more characters, more noise, more color. But bigger, brighter and faster isn't necessarily better.

Christy Lemire, Associated Press, 2011-10-24


Rodriguez seems to have forgotten that making a spectacle is not the same thing as creating a sense of wonder.

Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post, 2002-08-20


I didn't like the first one enough to recommend it. I liked this one even less.

Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper, 2002-08-12


To the delight of gadgetheads and the dismay of the rest of us, Spy Kids' paraphernalia is better developed and considerably more fun than its story.

Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2002-08-07


Though it's competently made, Spy Kids 2 is a classic example of the too hasty sequel, a movie with few ideas and no heart.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel, 2002-08-07


Leaves you wishing Rodriguez had saved some of his ideas for another movie. There's a difference between fast-paced and chaotic, and Spy Kids 2 often blurs the line between the two.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald, 2002-08-07