Pick a random title Piglet's Big Movie

2003 2.5/5 G SuperHD 75 minutes

Timid little Piglet must overcome his lack of confidence and save his endangered friends of the Hundred Acre Wood by using his "Book of Memories."

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John Fiedler, Jim Cummings, Andre Stojka, Kath Soucie, Nikita Hopkins, Peter Cullen, Ken Sansom, Tom Wheatley Directed by Francis Glebas

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Languages: Spanish

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  71%   65%
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Fiedler brings his trademark high-pitched squeal to the beloved, childlike Piglet. The other voice actors are just as good, with each one providing great heart and verve for their respective characters.

Luke Sader, Hollywood Reporter, 2003-03-24


It's a wonderful Piglet? Maybe not wonderful, but still pretty darn good.

Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post, 2003-03-21


Sure it's slight, but also as cute as the curly tail on its tender protagonist.

Rita Kempley, Washington Post, 2003-03-21


Screenwriter Brian Hohlfeld imbues the animals with the easily recognizable foibles and insecurities that have made Milne's stories (and the films adapted from them) so endearing through the generations.

Scott Foundas, Variety, 2003-03-21


Nothing much has changed in the 100 Acre Wood, and that's how it should be, for little pigs and little people.

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times, 2003-03-21


Piglet, the gosh-darned cute sidekick of Winnie the Pooh, manages to carry this warm and fuzzy animated feature on his wee shoulders.

Megan Lehmann, New York Post, 2003-03-21


If you've got some very small fry on your hands and 75 minutes to kill, this is as bright, colorful, and fuzzy as you're going to get.

Ty Burr, Boston Globe, 2003-03-21


Speaking as someone who has not visited the planet of Milne in decades, I was pleased to return to a place where words such as 'eureka' and 'aha' are central to the vocabulary: expressions of discovery and affirmation.

Jan Stuart, Newsday, 2003-03-20


In the knockabout world of animated movies, Piglet's Big Movie is an oasis of gentleness and wit.

Stephen Holden, New York Times, 2003-03-20


With his typical charm and grace, Piglet proves again that great things can come in small packages.

John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press, 2003-03-20


Parents may find their attention wandering, but the simple tale contains valuable life lessons for their youngest offspring, who will likely be enchanted.

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, 2003-03-20


The screenplay by Brian Hohlfeld incorporates three of the original Pooh stories but captures none of the charm of A.A. Milne's droll voice.

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader, 2008-09-10


A flimsy flashback-ridden tale about the importance of friendship, loyalty and the notion that size doesn't matter when it comes to tackling seemingly insurmountable issues.

Derek Adams, Time Out, 2006-02-09


Bother! Or, rather, why bother?

Jay Boyar, Houston Chronicle, 2003-03-29


Even those with a soft spot for Pooh won't find much to like.

Scott Craven, Arizona Republic, 2003-03-21


This is harmless fun for the kindergarten crowd, but even they will notice that the Blustery Day video they've been playing at home is a lot better.

C.W. Nevius, San Francisco Chronicle, 2003-03-21


I suggest you get out the books, which for once can truly be said to be more spectacular than the movie.

Ray Conlogue, Globe and Mail, 2003-03-21


Poor Piglet doesn't gets his due on Pooh Corner, nor does he in this movie.

Claudia Puig, USA Today, 2003-03-20