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2007 2.2/5 IMDb 7.8/10 (192k) R SuperHD 122 minutes

Young Briony fingers a young man for a crime after she discovers a lustful letter and witnesses a sexual encounter between him and her sister.

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Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Romola Garai, Saoirse Ronan, Vanessa Redgrave, Brenda Blethyn, Juno Temple, Patrick Kennedy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Harriet Walter, Michelle Duncan Directed by Joe Wright

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  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Direction nominee 2008 Joe Wright
  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Actor nominee 2008 James McAvoy
  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Actress nominee 2008 Keira Knightley
  • Nominee, Academy Awards - Best Picture nominee 2008
  • Nominee, Academy Awards - Best Supporting Actress nominee 2008 Saoirse Ronan
  • Nominee, Golden Globe Awards - Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture nominee 2008 Saoirse Ronan
  • Nominee, Golden Globe Awards - Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) nominee 2008 Keira Knightley
  • Nominee, Golden Globe Awards - Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama) nominee 2008 James McAvoy
  • Nominee, Golden Globe Awards - Best Director (Motion Picture) nominee 2008 Joe Wright
  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Supporting Actress nominee 2008 Saoirse Ronan
  • Nominee, Baftas - Best British Film nominee 2008
  • Winner, Golden Globe Awards - Best Motion Picture (Drama) 2008
  • Winner, Baftas - Best Film 2008
NYT Review: Lies, Guilt, Stiff Upper Lips

“Atonement” is an almost classical example of how pointless, how diminishing, the transmutation of literature into film can be. — A. O. Scott Read the review

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  83%   80%
Movie Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes®

Joe Wright directs Atonement with an eye to framing each performance with spectacularly vivid images, including a genuinely breathtaking tracking shot on the bloody, wreckage-strewn beach at Dunkirk.

Bob Mondello, NPR.org, 2008-10-18


Atonement is a film out of balance, nimble enough in its first half but oddly scattered and ungainly once it leaves the grounds of the Tallis estate.

Christopher Orr, The New Republic, 2008-09-22


Atonement's extraordinary qualities outweigh any quibbles.

David Fear, Time Out, 2008-01-18


One of the few adaptations that gives a novel the film it deserves.

Kenneth Turan, Newsday, 2008-01-14


A film that instantly joins the ranks of the great screen romances.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel, 2007-12-20


The interpretation is so painstaking and moving that almost every moment delivers a shuddering jolt to the head and the heart.

Connie Ogle, Miami Herald, 2007-12-14


This is a film that might have contained itself better, but it still stings with bitter truth.

Tom Long, Detroit News, 2007-12-14


In its first 45 minutes, Atonement achieves a kind of perfection rare even for big Oscar-bait movies. Every facet of the filmmaking is the equal of any picture released this year. The rest of the movie isn't so bad.

Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News, 2007-12-13


Atonement has hints of greatness but I think it falls just short of Oscar contention.

Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper, 2007-12-10


It ranks with the best novel adaptations of recent times.

Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter, 2007-12-07


As good a film as one could imagine having been made from a great work of contemporary fiction.

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal, 2007-12-07


On paper and on screen, Atonement is a story of rare beauty, both wrenching and wise.

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times, 2007-12-07


Atonement takes a familiar movie environment, a setting that we think we know, and uses it for an examination of a host of dark impulses, such as jealousy, lust, cruelty and deceit.

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle, 2007-12-07


A gripping film.

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger, 2007-12-07


Director Joe Wright and screenwriter Christopher Hampton not only blow the Merchant-Ivory dust off the British period movie, they transform Ian McEwan's interior novel into a sweeping epic that speaks to the 21st-century soul.

Lou Lumenick, New York Post, 2007-12-07


It is an amazing story, filled with quiet moments of profundity and more surprises than you could imagine.

Jack Mathews, New York Daily News, 2007-12-07


Christopher Hampton's screenplay respects the literary focus of Ian McEwan's novel without falling into the trap of becoming uncinematic.

Review, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2007-12-07


These performers not only have the looks for a sweeping love story, they also have the skill to throw themselves into the proceedings like they really mean it.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, 2007-12-07


Sweeping, showy, and stiff, Joe Wright's adaptation of Ian McEwan's pedigreed bestseller traffics in florid staging and callow emotions.

Amy Nicholson, I.E. Weekly, 2008-01-29


Atonement is not only too polite but maddeningly orderly, resulting in a prettily cast, professionally performed, impeccably mounted bore.

Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star, 2007-12-07