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2008 1.9/5 IMDb 7.8/10 (199k) R SuperHD 141 minutes

When her kidnapped son is brought home, a mother suspects that the boy isn't her child, so the police captain has her committed to an asylum.

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Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan, Michael Kelly, Colm Feore, Jason Butler Harner, Amy Ryan, Geoff Pierson, Denis O'Hare, Gattlin Griffith, Devon Conti, Frank Wood Directed by Clint Eastwood

Dramas, Biographical Dramas, Crime Dramas, 20th Century Period Pieces, Mysteries


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  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Actress nominee 2009 Angelina Jolie
  • Nominee, Academy Awards - Best Actress nominee 2009 Angelina Jolie
  • Nominee, Golden Globe Awards - Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) nominee 2009 Angelina Jolie
  • Nominee, Baftas - Best Direction nominee 2009 Clint Eastwood
NYT Review: A Boy Gone, a Mother Scorned

When it works best, “Changeling” is a feverish and bluntly effective parable of wronged innocence. — A. O. Scott Read the review

Rotten Tomatoes® Scores
  62%   82%
Movie Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes®

It's a tough movie but also rewarding and inspiring: something of a quiet triumph.

Wally Hammond, Time Out, 2008-11-28


This is one movie where the star really is the star. And delivers a performance of which any actress can be truly proud.

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger, 2008-10-31


If Changeling lacks the knockout power of, say, Million Dollar Baby, it proves that Eastwood continues to seek out stories that take him places he hasn't been before -- and the audience along with him.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald, 2008-10-31


Changeling is a brilliant, demanding film, a mystery-cum-character study about which we finally have to make up our own minds.

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2008-10-30


If the film is too long and a little unwieldy in its later acts, the consummate craftsman in Eastwood glosses over that with detail and righteous rage.

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel, 2008-10-30


Changeling is a fine-enough movie. It's just that it's aware of the fact, and neither Eastwood nor Jolie ever lets the audience forget it.

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic, 2008-10-30


This hothouse Changeling is freeze-dried.

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor, 2008-10-28


Eastwood, working from a script by J. Michael Straczynski, tells a painful true story neatly and well, with one foot in rousing Hollywood melodrama and the other in a story that resists tidy resolution.

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune, 2008-10-24


Changeling reminds us that the veneer of civilization is thin and made of quicksilver.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star, 2008-10-24


To see this film is to understand both how fragile and how essential our hopes for decency and truth are in a world that must be made to care about either one.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, 2008-10-24


The line between drama and melodrama is a fine one, and Clint Eastwood steps on both sides of it in his elegantly sad new film, Changeling.

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times, 2008-10-24


Eastwood, who has made fine movies in recent years, has got hold of a humdinger of a story. But he's too detached and lazy here.

Jonathan F. Richards, Film.com, 2008-11-10


Clint Eastwood's Changeling falls into a common trap: by trying to do too much, it accomplishes too little.

James Berardinelli, ReelViews, 2008-10-31


It is a misfire, a silly and borderline absurd story that cannot excuse its twists and turns with the simple 'a true story' declaration that opens the film.

Adam Graham, Detroit News, 2008-10-31


How could a story as genuinely bizarre as this one seem so generic and rambling on the screen?

Eric D. Snider, Film.com, 2008-10-30


With its many tonal shifts and dangling subplots, J. Michael Straczynski's sprawling script is a problem. Jolie's performance is another.

Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2008-10-30


When it works best, Changeling is a feverish and bluntly effective parable of wronged innocence.

A.O. Scott, New York Times, 2008-10-24


Connections are missing or scrambled between the filmmaking and the period, between the co-stars, Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich, and between the characters they play.

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal, 2008-10-24


While the neo-Gothic tale is inherently intriguing, the film should inspire strong emotion, but deliberate pacing and a contained sense of melodrama make it a surprisingly passive experience.

Claudia Puig, USA Today, 2008-10-24


[I]t is not enough to declare such improbable material historically accurate and leave it at that. It is Eastwood's burden to make it feel true... and in this, Changeling is a singular failure.

Christopher Orr, The New Republic, 2008-10-24