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2013 2.2/5 R SuperHD 92 minutes

Amanda Seyfried stars as adult film icon Linda Lovelace, a woman coerced into and abused by the porn industry before taking charge of her life.

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Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Juno Temple, Chris Noth, Bobby Cannavale, Hank Azaria, Adam Brody, Chloë Sevigny, James Franco, Debi Mazar, Wes Bentley, Eric Roberts Directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman

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Language: English

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NYT Review: A Woman Who Showed It All Yet Hid Everything

“Lovelace,” starring Amanda Seyfried as Linda Lovelace, looks at the woman who starred in the film “Deep Throat.” — Manohla Dargis Read the review

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  53%   36%
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Linda's feelings are rarely revealed: that's left to the gloomy final act, which feels more like a guilt-inducing postscript than a genuine reveal.

Anna Smith, Time Out, 2013-08-21


It has a pair of terrific performances at its center, and an intriguing story.

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger, 2013-08-09


Lovelace" is a well-made but grim film.

Richard Roeper, Richard Roeper.com, 2013-08-08


This movie is short on nuance, but at least it treats Lovelace with a respect she didn't often find in her difficult life.

Rafer Guzman, Newsday, 2013-08-08


Its maudlin third act mars what is, for much of the film, a pretty nuanced and well-acted biopic, as well as something of a cultural critique.

Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post, 2013-08-08


With the exception of good-natured porn vet Harry Reems (Adam Brody), everyone here is out to tear a piece off Linda Lovelace, whoever she was: Messrs. Epstein and Friedman don't really get to what made her tick, although one can guess.

John Anderson, Wall Street Journal, 2013-08-08


Seyfried, with her huge features crowding her small face, looks like Alice in a very strange Wonderland. But whatever possibilities she may have as an actress are eradicated by the filmmakers ...

David Denby, New Yorker, 2013-09-02


"Lovelace" becomes too distracted by industry politics and the cultural context of the film's release to provide more than a snapshot of her life either before or after she stepped in front of a camera.

Todd Gilchrist, TheWrap, 2013-08-16


Lovelace bids to whip up hot indignation about an outrage four decades old. Instead, it provokes dismay.

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2013-08-14


Unfortunately, most of Lovelace is more generic and familiar, right down to the too-neat happy ending.

James Berardinelli, ReelViews, 2013-08-12


This drama from codirectors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman is so respectful of 70s porn sensation Linda Lovelace that instead of humanizing the Deep Throat star, it reduces her to one dimension: victim.

Andrea Gronvall, Chicago Reader, 2013-08-09


Directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman settle for a titillating, exploitative snapshot instead of a fully rounded portrait.

Adam Nayman, Globe and Mail, 2013-08-09


The familiar arc is complete, the grisly elements all ring true. But somehow it all feels too surface, too easy. Why, why, why? There must have been more.

Tom Long, Detroit News, 2013-08-09


There's a lot in this story about victimization and agency that Mr. Epstein and Mr. Friedman never satisfactorily address.

Manohla Dargis, New York Times, 2013-08-08


Co-directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman never quite pull it off - although you can see how they might have.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star, 2013-08-08


A timid gloss on a hardcore subject.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald, 2013-08-08


Epstein and Friedman opt for the most broadly entertaining and salacious details about the 1972 porn film, giving short shrift to Lovelace's complicated contradictions.

Claudia Puig, USA Today, 2013-08-08


The superficial script doesn't go nearly deep enough to begin explaining Lovelace.

Lou Lumenick, New York Post, 2013-08-08


Ultimately, the movie relies as heavily as any porn feature on its intrepid female lead. Rather than exploiting Seyfried, however, Lovelace just sort of wastes her.

Mark Jenkins, NPR, 2013-08-08


Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman spin two versions of the story of the ingenue who starred in the most successful porn film of all time.

Peter Keough, Boston Globe, 2013-08-08