Pick a random title Why Stop Now

2012 3.0/5 R SuperHD 87 minutes

While preparing for an important audition, a piano prodigy must stash his coke-addled mother in rehab and enter into a partnership with her dealers.

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Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, Tracy Morgan, Emma Rayne Lyle, Sarah Ramos, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Stephanie March, Paul Calderon, Neal Huff, Jayce Bartok, Tanya Wright, Harper Dill Directed by Ron Nyswaner, Phil Dorling

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Language: English

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Rotten Tomatoes® Scores
  24%   28%
Movie Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes®

Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo, and Tracy Morgan make an unlikely but entertaining trio in this frantic shaggy-dog story.

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader, 2012-08-16


"Why Stop Now" is a bright screwball comedy about one fraught day in the life of a piano prodigy, his crackhead mother and her drug dealers.

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, 2012-08-16


First-time directors Phil Dorling and Ron Nyswaner can't find a coherent emotional tone, and the actors' energetic contortions can't keep the sinking story afloat.

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2012-09-06


Drug abuse stories are to Hollywood what babies are to mothers: fascinating to the talkers, not so interesting for their audiences.

Kyle Smith, New York Post, 2012-08-17


Feels trapped in the limbo between comedy and drama where many indies gamely venture, but from which few emerge with any resonance.

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times, 2012-08-16


As "Why Stop Now?" gathers momentum, the increasingly uneasy sensation it produces is not unlike that of being in the back seat of a speeding car whose drunken driver refuses to give up the wheel.

Stephen Holden, New York Times, 2012-08-16


Why Stop Now refuses to keep faith with its characters, to carry them as far as they can go without tying them up in a neat bow of redemption.

Ella Taylor, NPR, 2012-08-16


This comic drama tries too hard to serve up a slice of manic life, but Eisenberg, along with Tracy Morgan and Isiah Whitlock Jr. as the affable druggies, provides some spark.

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News, 2012-08-16


It's handsome, well-paced, and nicely acted, but suffers from a fatal lack of purpose, as if Dorling and Nyswaner couldn't commit to whatever movie they wanted to make.

Scott Tobias, AV Club, 2012-08-16


Nothing-script, performances, comedy, drama-works in the slightest.

David Fear, Time Out New York, 2012-08-14


An unbearable 90-minute trip with a trio of loud, needy egotists-one whose updated scenario never feels like it needs the extra 75 minutes.

Simon Abrams, Village Voice, 2012-08-14