Pick a random title Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

2014 2.3/5 NR SuperHD 94 minutes

On a remote island, a group of vacationers stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned research facility where a deadly flesh-eating virus has been unleashed.

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Sean Astin, Currie Graham, Ryan Donowho, Brando Eaton, Jillian Murray, Mitch Ryan, Solly Duran, Lydia Hearst, Claudette Lalí Directed by Kaare Andrews

B-Horror Movies, Horror Movies

Language: English

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NYT Review: The Party’s Over When the Flesh-Eating Virus Arrives

A bachelor party accidentally lands on an island contaminated by a flesh-eating virus in “Cabin Fever: Patient Zero.” — Ben Kenigsberg Read the review

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  24%   13%
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Vincent Guastini's makeup effects are the star here, a refreshing change from the inky CGI morphing of too much modern horror.

Rob Staeger, Village Voice, 2014-07-29


This lazy and uninspired horror sequel is a movie worthy of quarantine.

Scott Foundas, Variety, 2014-08-01


Yes, horror fans, this is one of those movies in which we praise the makeup instead of the plotting, characters, or scares.

Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com, 2014-08-01


It's pandemic time!

Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2014-08-01


Better actors would have helped.

Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times, 2014-07-31


Director Kaare Andrews' and screenwriter Jake Wade Wall's interminable set-up is hardly worth the uninspired rollout of the second half's carnage follies ...

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times, 2014-07-31


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero ditches the nasty allegory of Eli Roth's original and Ti West's studio-butchered first sequel for far duller, standard-issue conventions.

Nick Schager, AV Club, 2014-07-31