Pick a random title Time Out of Mind

2014 3.0/5 NR SuperHD 121 minutes

A homeless man struggling to survive in New York and reconnect with his estranged daughter is aided by a sympathetic friend he makes in a shelter.

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Richard Gere, Ben Vereen, Jena Malone, Kyra Sedgwick, Jeremy Strong, Yul Vazquez, Michael Kenneth Williams, Steve Buscemi, Brian d'Arcy James, Geraldine Hughes, Coleman Domingo, Danielle Brooks Directed by Oren Moverman

Dramas, Independent Dramas, Independent Movies

Language: English

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  78%   42%
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Richard Gere stars as an elderly man forced out on the streets of New York City. There isn't much more to the story than that, but for the talented writer-director Oren Moverman it's more than enough.

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader, 2015-10-08



Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2015-10-01


If Gere and Moverman get Oscars for it, they deserve them.

Peter Keough, Boston Globe, 2015-10-01


The writer and director, Oren Moverman, makes homelessness harshly immersive.

Wesley Morris, Grantland, 2015-09-23


Fascinating, both for what it is and what it does.

John Anderson, Newsday, 2015-09-18


Like George, the movie sometimes dillydallies, but the unhurried rhythms ultimately have a hypnotic effect.

Stephanie Merry, Washington Post, 2015-09-17


Even though Time Out Of Mind's two-hour run time can be tough to sit through, Gere gives a subtle, layered performance as a man barely existing on the edges of society.

Devan Coggan, Entertainment Weekly, 2015-09-15


Gere is extraordinary here, and it says something about his disciplined, inward-facing performance, and about the movie's subtle visual strategies, that he's in almost every frame of Time Out of Mind, but only rarely at the center of it.

Ella Taylor, NPR, 2015-09-10


Given what it attempts, "Time Out of Mind" should be considered a success.

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, 2015-09-10


Time Out of Mind is not sentimental or overly plotted. It's just a sober, emotionally direct film of subtle observance on the road to Hell.

Rex Reed, New York Observer, 2015-09-10


Gere, who has shockingly never been nominated for an Oscar, is intuitive and indelible. Maybe it's naive to think a movie like this can heighten our awareness, even change things. So what. Godspeed.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, 2015-09-10


The film casts a forlorn mood that is evocative when it isn't wearying.

Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor, 2015-09-09


This movie's best and truest quality may be its wandering, episodic rhythm, which is intriguing in its own right and reflects the experience of the main character.

A.O. Scott, New York Times, 2015-09-08


Gere uses the opportunity to strip himself entirely of artifice, and it's a marvel of antitechnique.

Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out, 2015-09-08


Never less than powerful. Without sentimentality or gloss, it illuminates a part of city life that far too often is lost in the shadows.

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News, 2015-09-08


"Time Out of Mind" is consciously disoriented and slow, to its own ultimate detriment.

Tom Long, Detroit News, 2015-10-23


The filmmaker's good intentions and great ambitions go unrealized.

Richard Brody, New Yorker, 2015-09-14


It's memorable in the sense that it has an unsettling and disorienting and even educational effect, yet as a work of drama, it's often an exercise in drudgery.

David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle, 2015-09-10


Moverman is attempting something hugely ambitious with Time Out of Mind: a socially conscious, existential-displacement art movie. I think it would have worked better with a little less rigor and a little more intimacy.

David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture, 2015-09-09


While Gere is very good in "Time Out of Mind," he doesn't have the kind of character arc or bravura scene necessary to put over this very well-meaning drama - which is too often content to preach to the choir on an important social issue.

Lou Lumenick, New York Post, 2015-09-08