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2015 1.4/5 IMDb 5.5/10 (5.3k) R SuperHD 105 minutes

When a has-been music producer gets stuck in Afghanistan he discovers a girl with a wonderful voice, then has to find a way to market her talents.

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Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, Zooey Deschanel, Danny McBride, Scott Caan, Leem Lubany, Bruce Willis, Arian Moayed, Taylor Kinney, Glenn Fleshler Directed by Barry Levinson


Language: English

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The first half is pure pleasure as Murray gets thoroughly immersed and enmeshed in Kabul crazy.

Matthew Lickona, San Diego Reader, 2015-10-22


Leaving aside the galloping misogyny, 'Rock the Kasbah' just isn't remotely funny or smart.

Tom Huddleston, Time Out, 2016-03-14


As one-liner after one-liner misses its mark, you begin to feel sorry for Murray, who's really too old to be playing a guy who has a little daughter ... and likes to get kinky with Kate Hudson as a raucous, Dolly Parton-style hooker-businesswoman.

David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture, 2015-10-23


It needs a smarter script. It needs at least two or three perfectly engineered, joke-after-joke sequences. It needs a smart director - did you really do "Wag the Dog," Levinson? - whose idea of political satire goes beyond freshman-year sarcasm.

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger, 2015-10-23


Not Murray's best and not Levinson's either.

Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail, 2015-10-23


An acclaimed film director, a legendary comic actor, lots of fun rock and pop songs, and a noble story at its core can't save "Rock the Kasbah" from being one hugely misguided dud.

Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times, 2015-10-22


A lot of the actor's usual mercurial charm isn't used to full effect and is actually tempered when it doesn't feel like it should be.

Brian Truitt, USA Today, 2015-10-22


Cliched, enervating, insulting - it's tough to settle on a single pejorative for "Rock the Kasbah," though abysmal might do.

Manohla Dargis, New York Times, 2015-10-22


Some projects are just too misguided for the star to mug and shrug his way out of. Consider Rock the Kasbah at the top, or the bottom, of that list.

Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2015-10-22


An ongoing war is no setting for a musical comedy, especially one this glib and inane.

Rafer Guzman, Newsday, 2015-10-22


Rock the Kasbah's timing is so slack, and its screenplay so shapeless, that the movie doesn't even rise to the level of an Afghan-war Stripes. It's almost as laugh-free as the latest news from Kunduz.

Mark Jenkins, NPR, 2015-10-22


Quite possibly [Murray's] worst movie ever.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star, 2015-10-22


Rock the Kasbah, does not rock at all - not even a little bit.

Cary Darling, Fort Worth Star-Telegram/DFW.com, 2015-10-22


If it were any worse, they'd be screening it as evidence at The Hague.

Ty Burr, Boston Globe, 2015-10-22


Your enjoyment of all this will probably depend heavily on your willingness to let the words romp and Taliban coexist for approximately two hours.

Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly, 2015-10-22


"Rock the Kasbah" is the mausoleum where comedy was buried.

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal, 2015-10-22


It fumbles a bit by prioritizing the goofy antics of its white cast over what turns out to be a smart depiction of non-Western life.

Natalie Daher, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2015-10-22


It's a movie that's half-over before it tells us what it's really about.

Jim Slotek, Toronto Sun, 2015-10-22


There might be a decent movie in here somewhere, if the focus had been on the right character.

Randy Cordova, Arizona Republic, 2015-10-22


This dismal comedy, scripted by Murray's old pal Mitch Glazer (Scrooged), evinces only enough interest in Afghanis to keep the story rolling.

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader, 2015-10-22