Pick a random title Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

2015 3.0/5 NR SuperHD 93 minutes

Three childhood friends attempt to finish the pet project they've worked on for over 30 years: re-creating "Raiders of the Lost Ark" shot for shot.

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Directed by Jeremy Coon, Tim Skousen



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  89%   90%
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This is a smartly made movie that might win you over. I was pleasantly surprised, because there's something truly Spielbergian about it.

Odie Henderson, RogerEbert.com, 2016-06-17


If you see only one movie this summer, see the movie about the movie it took seven summers to make.

Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail, 2016-06-17


Though indulgently overlong, "Raiders!" manages to unearth the inner geek in all of us.

Michael Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles Times, 2016-06-16


Raiders! nicely interweaves the bittersweet history of the remake with a behind-the-scenes look at the middle-aged Strompolos and Zala collaborating for the first time in decades.

Scott Tobias, NPR, 2016-06-16


The film's most profound subject matter may simply be the passage of time.

Pat Padua, Washington Post, 2016-06-16


"Raiders!" is as sloppy and imperfect as the kids' shot-for-shot remake, but it has much the same charm.

Barbara VanDenburgh, Arizona Republic, 2016-06-16


Yes, these guys are in their 40s now, working with an actual effects crew, but they're still essentially the same ardent idealists, determined to make the impossible happen. Spielberg would surely still approve.

Mike D'Angelo, AV Club, 2016-06-16


It's amazing.

Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly, 2016-06-15


Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen get a lot of mileage out of its audacity. Their documentary is modest and sometimes clumsy, as if made with the expectation that only the geek community would ever want to watch it.

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter, 2015-09-16


The documentary has a tendency to meander in parts and repeats a lot of the same observations about the personal significance of The Adaptation to the men, but its closing moments make the investment worthwhile.

Eric Kohn, indieWIRE, 2015-09-16


Often poignant, occasionally pathetic, but never short of entertaining, "Raiders!" captures the obsessive hold movies have on young people's imaginations ...

Peter Debruge, Variety, 2015-03-19


Unoriginal behavior such as this should be shunned, not encouraged.

Scott Marks, San Diego Reader, 2016-07-21


It soon starts to feel like self-promotion.

Manohla Dargis, New York Times, 2016-06-16


Fanboys gotta fan, but beneath the surface "Raiders!" is the opposite of what it's trying to be - not a salute to monomania, but a lesson in its destructiveness.

Kyle Smith, New York Post, 2016-06-16


There was so much joy in their remake, but Raiders! is often dispiritingly preoccupied with adult issues of financing.

Chris Packham, Village Voice, 2016-06-15

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