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2015 1.7/5 NR SuperHD 87 minutes

An upscale garden party disintegrates into a gruesome gathering when humongous mutant wasps attack and two young caterers try to stop the mayhem.

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Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Clifton Collins Jr., Lance Henriksen, Eve Slatner, Cecilia Pillado, Daniele Rizzo, Florentine Lahme, Tony de Maeyer Directed by Benni Diez

Comedies, B-Horror Movies, Horror Movies, Creature Features, Horror Comedies, Monster Movies

Language: English

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NYT Review: Review: ‘Stung’ Stars Giant Wasps That Attack the Rich

In Benni Diez’s horror comedy, a millionaire’s al fresco dinner turns ugly because her growth-hormone-infused plant fertilizer has created a swarm of monsters. — Andy Webster Read the review

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  54%   24%
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The headliners, of course, are the monsters, and Mr. Diez, a former effects specialist, skillfully blends viscous textures with cheesy digital flourishes.

Andy Webster, New York Times, 2015-07-02


It delights in its own stupidity the way a dog rolls in dirt, but is nearly as difficult to get mad at after it muddies up the rug.

Michael Nordine, Village Voice, 2015-07-02


There's plenty of gooey insectivorous f/x, yet despite game contributions from all involved, nothing else in "Stung" goes quite far enough.

Dennis Harvey, Variety, 2015-07-15


Unfortunately, the human relationships depicted here are less credible than the solid special effects.

Martin Tsai, Los Angeles Times, 2015-07-02


In the movie's final stretch, nearly every scene feels drawn out to twice its natural length-and not as an exercise in unbearable tension.

Jesse Hassenger, AV Club, 2015-07-02


Director Benni Diez tries for schlock shocks in this giant-bug flick. Sadly, what's left out here is the fun.

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News, 2015-07-01