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2014 3.0/5 IMDb 5.8/10 (6.9k) R SuperHD 99 minutes

A womanizing poetry professor reevaluates his romantic life when he impregnates a graduate student, then falls in love with her sister.

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Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Malcolm McDowell, Duncan Joiner, Ben McKenzie, Merrin Dungey, Fred Melamed, Ivan Sergei, Lombardo Boyar, Marlee Matlin Directed by Tom Vaughan

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Language: English

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Rotten Tomatoes® Scores
  4%   31%
Movie Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes®

The Hollywood romantic comedy hits an astonishing new low with this disastrous pairing for Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek.

Justin Chang, Variety, 2015-08-23


Mainly the comic outcomes of these setups are painfully predictable and when they aren't ... they border on the offensive.

Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail, 2015-08-21


A 99-minute film that seems to last for three hours ... one of the worst films to sport the label "romantic comedy."

Stephen Holden, New York Times, 2015-08-20


A string of hackneyed situations and faux "edgy" humor you wouldn't find on even the worst episode of "Frasier."

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times, 2015-08-20


The sentimental side of the back half of the film doesn't fit with the bedroom farce sensibilities going before.

Linda Barnard, Toronto Star, 2015-08-20


Sometimes, [the film] wants to be light farce, all repartee and two-dimensional characters; other times it wants to be a contender, with deathbed scenes and motivating lectures on romantic poetry. At all times it's a tremendous waste of talent.

Liz Braun, Toronto Sun, 2015-08-20


Some Kind Of Beautiful has a fine cast, but they're stuck doing shtick.

Noel Murray, AV Club, 2015-08-20


Hayek swings for the fences, but none of the gags she's tasked with delivering are funny, not even when she desperately pantomimes various breathless expressions men make when they orgasm.

Simon Abrams, Village Voice, 2015-08-18