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2015 3.0/5 NR SuperHD 80 minutes

An idyllic summer for a typical Danish family turns into a nightmare when an incurable virus sweeps through their town, turning the dead into zombies.

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Troels Lyby, Mille Dinesen, Benjamin Engell, Ella Solgaard, Marie Hammer Boda, Mikael Birkkjaer, Therese Damsgaard, Rita Angela Directed by Bo Mikkelsen

Thrillers, International Thrillers, Horror Movies, Teen Screams, Zombie Horror Movies, International Movies, Scandinavian Movies


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  71%   27%
Movie Reviews from Rotten Tomatoes®

As the film peaks, its derivative, cliched nature falls away and it becomes its own thing. Your enjoyment level will be determined by if you're patient enough with it to get to that point.

Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com, 2016-05-13


A savvy, sensitive study of suburbanites coping with an encroaching apocalypse.

Noel Murray, Los Angeles Times, 2016-05-12


Muting the usual cacophony of manipulative musical cues and assaultive sound effects - for long stretches, the movie is almost hushed - Mr. Mikkelsen stirs claustrophobia into panic.

Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times, 2016-05-12


In our zombie-glutted media landscape, this is familiar territory; we know what's coming, pretty much beat for beat.

Rob Staeger, Village Voice, 2016-05-11