German director F.W. Murnau cast the inimitable Emil Jannings as Mephisto, to whom the aging Faust sells his soul for renewed youth, wealth and power. Channeling Goethe, Murnau creates a phantasmagoric vision of the struggle between good and evil. In one of the most famous sequences in film history, we see Mephisto born as a primordial creature from the heavens and sent to the netherworld. This was Murnau's last German film before moving to Hollywood.
Netflix Rating: 3.6
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This extraordinary piece of artistry and craftsmanship integrates its dazzling special effects so seamlessly that they're indistinguishable from the film's narrative, poetry, and, above all, metaphysics.
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader  full review
As atmospheric and menacing a work as the expressionist movement ever produced.
Don Druker, Chicago Reader  full review
Here is a picture which is as far removed from the ordinary movie as a Tintoretto painting.
New York Times, New York Times  full review
I sometimes feel, in this age of expert CGI, that I am being shown too much -- that technique is pushing aside artistry and imagination. The world of Faust is never intended to define a physical universe, but is a landscape of nightmares.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times  full review
Still a classic example of eye-popping excess at a time when German filmmakers were among the most innovative in the world.
John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press
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