Tears of the Sun

Bruce Willis stars as Lt. A.K. Waters, a Navy SEAL sent to the jungles of embattled Africa to rescue a doctor (Monica Bellucci), arriving only to realize he must also save the refugees in the doctor's care -- even if it places his military career in jeopardy. Tracked by heavily armed guerillas, Waters and his men must guide 40 injured Nigerian patients to the Cameroon border in this epic action drama directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day).
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Netflix Rating: 3.8
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Will a thinking audience really buy the image of helpless, grateful people bestowing kisses and victory songs upon Willis as the representative of all things American: power, guts, compassion?
Jami Bernard, New York Daily News  full review
Deserves the bad reviews and the lackluster earnings it has accumulated thus far.
Andrew Sarris, New York Observer  full review
Raping and pillaging and blowing things up is mainly what this movie is about, although it claims to show how the most robotic, dehumanized soldiers can be transformed by human suffering.
Rex Reed, New York Observer  full review
Fuqua ... can stage action, but he can't save a trivializing, reactionary script featuring a Hollywood star (read America) as a global savior.
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
This Black Hawk Down theft is a trial by cliche.
Michael Atkinson, Village Voice  full review
This movie should have been called Crocodile Tears of the Sun.
Desson Thomson, Washington Post
The film is a strictly no-bull proposition.
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
The movie might have gotten a dramatic boost from its topical theme, indirect as it is. Unfortunately, it's not one-tenth as interesting as what you can see at home during a nightly cable surf as U.S. war policy is debated.
Claudia Puig, USA Today  full review
If you ever wanted a reason to root for a righteous invasion, this sequence -- like My Lai but improved because it's perpetrated by the bad guys -- provides it.
Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star  full review
Propaganda doesn't get any more entertaining.
Glenn Lovell, San Jose Mercury News  full review
At its best, it's a little hard to sit through. At its worst, it's like every other picture about soldiers on a tough mission. What pushes it above mediocrity is that it ends better than it begins.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
Tears of the Sun has a title that makes no sense whatsoever. The film's message, on the other hand, makes too much sense -- it's simplistic and reactionary and designed to get hearts pumping but not minds thinking.
Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer
Willis' performance redeems much of the film.
Jay Boyar, Orlando Sentinel
Painfully obvious, yet confusing.
John Anderson, Newsday  full review
What's noteworthy is that Tears is simultaneously a gripping action tale and a plea for a policy of engagement, of humanitarian intervention, in parts of the world where oil is not at stake.
Eric Harrison, Houston Chronicle  full review
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