Ironclad-thumbstandard Backed by his "Magnificent Seven," a principled Knight Templar (James Purefoy) defends Rochester Castle from the ruthless King John (Paul Giamatti) and his advancing armies, who seek to rule England's free men by force -- no matter what the Magna Carta might say. Charles Dance, Kate Mara, Jason Flemyng, Brian Cox and Derek Jacobi co-star in this action-packed period piece set at the height of the Middle Ages.
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Netflix Rating: 3.7
NYT Review
Paul Giamatti plays King John, who signed the Magna Carta and regretted it, in “Ironclad," a medieval battle film directed by Jonathan English. Read the review
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Ironclad is as weighed-down as it sounds.
Tom Long, Detroit News  full review
This English sword-battle drama is a mess. But there's a violent simplicity and a lack of pretentiousness that's refreshing.
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune  full review
The problem is that the movie is only swords and stage blood. The suits of armor are all empty.
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger  full review
The loud, closely photographed limb-hacking becomes as monotonous as the movie's unrelentingly gray palette.
Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times  full review
A gore-filled guilty pleasure...
Lou Lumenick, New York Post  full review
The core fan base of this English sword battle drama will pay for the boundary-pushing blood and gore. Why bore them with things like plot and context and production values?
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
The action is cluttered and the story overly compressed, with a lot of yammering about who's aligned with whom and why (no wonder Mr. Giamatti's eyes keep rolling) in between the geysers of red.
Manohla Dargis, New York Times  full review
As history it's bunk; as inappropriate historical fiction, it's awfully close to comedy.
Ty Burr, Boston Globe  full review
An utterly joyless exercise in blood and dirt.
Jake Coyle, Associated Press  full review
While Ironclad captures the casual cruelty and flesh-and-bone violence of the 13th century, it fails to do the same in the more intimate material set in the downtime between assaults.
Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice  full review
Medieval history lesson with lots of shattered bodies and splattered limbs.
Ray Bennett, Hollywood Reporter  full review
Ironclad might be the perfect actioner for gorehound fanboys gaga for medieval trappings, but all others may find this British-American-German co-production a bit of a drag.
Leslie Felperin, Variety  full review
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