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After being framed for a host of murders, honest cop Vince Faraday (David Lyons) decides to radically change his approach to crime solving, transforming himself into The Cape -- a character based on his son's favorite comic book hero. When he's given a special suit that lends him a powerful suite of superpowers, Vince is ready to begin the business of saving Palm City from its corrupt police force and other villains.
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Netflix Rating: 3.6
The Cape
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  • Release Year: 2011
  • MPAA Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 429 min
  • Available From: Oct 02, 2011
  • Queued by: 445 people
David Lyons, Keith David, Summer Glau, Jennifer Ferrin, James Frain, Ryan Wynott, Dorian Missick, Martin Klebba, Vinnie Jones, Anil Kumar

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