Curious George

10curi Little ones can learn a lot from George -- one of the most curious monkeys in all of children's literature -- in this Emmy Award-winning animated series that recounts his adventures with narration from William H. Macy.
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In a refreshing departure from the animal heroes of most recent children's movies, this Curious George doesn't rap, punch out bad guys or emit rapid-fire commentary on pop culture. George is all monkey -- a quality that will not only appeal to children, but come as a great relief to parents who grew up with the classic stories by Margret and H. A. Rey. With top-drawer voice talent, original songs by Jack Johnson, and old-fashioned two-dimensional animation, "Curious George" is a unexpected delight. Read the review
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Gentle enough to satisfy the wee ones but has little to offer their adult companions...
Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail  full review
George is just so darn cute with his big eyes and bright smile and perpetually sunny disposition, he's pretty much impossible to resist.
Christy Lemire, Associated Press  full review
Curious George is probably the purest family movie in years.
Chris Garcia, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  full review
The artwork, I liked it, is faithful to the original, but to tell people my age, or someone 25, that they should see nine or ten bucks to see this movie I can't do it.
Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper  full review
Molasses-sweet, plot-heavy and pandering.
Tom Keogh, Seattle Times  full review
Despite eerie narrative parallels with King Kong, the most curious thing about Curious George is how gentle it is.
Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star  full review
Although the makers of Curious George decided a 21st century update was necessary, they fill the movie with enough tributes to the Reys to take a lot of the sting away.
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
When children are so into a movie that they don't make a peep or kick the back of your theater seat, it is a success.
Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer
This is an adaptation that is absolutely faithful to the child's-eye-view books, down to the name of the ship that brings George from Africa -- the H.A. Rey.
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel  full review
Despite 16 years in development and drafts by many prominent Hollywood screenwriters, the finished product (credited to O'Callaghan and Mike Webb) feels undeveloped, like a 10-minute TV cartoon stretched to barely feature length.
Lou Lumenick, New York Post
Skip the movie altogether, and buy one of the books, instead.
Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News  full review
Visually, the movie benefits from a charming animation style, a traditional 2-D approach layered with shadows and backlit halos. But it benefits most from George, still worming his way into people's hearts.
Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle  full review
The biggest surprise of Curious George is how it keeps consistently entertaining at a kids' level.
John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press  full review
Artful simplicity may be an impossible quality in a modern children's movie, so Curious George opts instead for mayhem under a blanket of sweetness. The little ones understand.
Ty Burr, Boston Globe  full review
It's pretty elementary.
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post  full review
As simple, friendly, kid-appropriate and nontoxic as any major motion picmerchtainment franchise could ever hope to be.
Carina Chocano, Los Angeles Times  full review
If you count yourself among the curious, spend an afternoon with George.
Bill Muller, Arizona Republic  full review
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