Aeon Flux

Charlize Aiming to hasten an uprising, the leader of an underground rebellion (Frances McDormand) dispatches acrobatic assassin Aeon Flux (Charlize Theron) to eliminate the government's top leader in this futuristic thriller based on the popular animated MTV show. It's the 25th century, and a rampaging virus has forced the remnants of humanity into seclusion. But political conflict swirls within, and the climate is ripe for revolution.
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Netflix Rating: 3.4
NYT Review
Adapted from MTV animated shorts from a decade ago, this glossy, incoherent movie sends Charlize Theron 400 years into the future, where she runs around and does somersaults in a spandex body suit. Read the review
Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten 10%
Critics' score: 10   Audience score: 47   Rotten Tomatoes page
Top Rotten Tomatoes Critics

The enormous, and probably impossible, amount of style and wit required to resuscitate the original cartoon into something with real faces, bodies, gravity, and locations is beyond Kusama. full review

Michael Atkinson, Village Voice

A failure even on the action-adventure/vicarious-butt-kicking level. full review

John Anderson, Newsday

In the dystopian future, apparently, women will be bendable Barbies in leather scanties, and everyone will speak like brain-dead robots. full review

Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

Aeon Flux is best appreciated for the costumes, the sets and Charlize Theron's haughty athleticism.

A.O. Scott, New York Times

We know it's the future because everyone has the most ridiculous hairdos.

David Hiltbrand, Philadelphia Inquirer

The picture climaxes with the crashing of a blimp, an image that encapsulates the Hindenburg scale of its failure. full review

Lisa Rose, Newark Star-Ledger

One would figure, after 400 years of bad action movies, that leaders would learn: If a woman comes at you dressed in a tight jumpsuit, duck. full review

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

Spectacularly silly. full review

Justin Chang, Variety

Simultaneously silly, ostentatious and terribly boring.

Michael Rechtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter

There's no way to say it but to come right out with it: Aeon Flux is a good movie. Actually, it's a really good movie. full review

Tom Maurstad, Dallas Morning News

Ten years ago, Chung's animated Aeon Flux was groundbreaking, inspirational. It still is. Maybe another spin through Chung's Flux DVD set will wipe away all memory of its middling live-action cousin. full review

Robert K. Elder, Chicago Tribune

Kusama seems to spend most of her energy rendering Theron in perfect poses and lighting schemes. full review

Desson Thomson, Washington Post

Although it would be difficult to laud this movie as being anything stronger than mediocre, it is superior to what one would reasonably expect from something Paramount was trying to keep under wraps. full review

James Berardinelli, ReelViews

Theron plays Aeon as a reluctant cipher who yearns to get back to a real existence. By the end, you'll know the feeling. full review

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

Paramount Pictures and MTV Films blatantly tried to keep the movie, which debuted Friday, away from critics to prevent opening-day reviews. For good reason. Hollywood suits didn't want anyone to know how utterly boring the movie is. full review

Bob Longino, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thanksgiving is over, but those gluttons still hungry for turkey should enjoy picking at the carcass of Aeon Flux. full review

Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

Aeon Flux is by far the year's worst movie, a most dubious achievement.

Lou Lumenick, New York Post

Folks, I'll never understand studios. Aeon Flux is not that terrible. It's certainly more fun than a lot of films that get lovingly showcased. full review

It's not terrible. It's not so bad that it's fun. Aeon Flux doesn't rhyme with 'flux.' It's just watchably bad, which is no reason to watch it at all. full review

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel
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