No One Killed Jessica

Noone-thumbstandard This political thriller tells the true story of model Jessica Lall -- who was shot dead while tending bar in a New Delhi restaurant -- and the lengthy campaign waged by her sister (Vidya Balan) and a news reporter (Rani Mukherjee) to deliver Jessica's killer to justice. Although a trial is conducted and dozens of witnesses testify, the suspected gunman is acquitted, but media outcry and petitions to the president lead to a reopening of the case.
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Netflix Rating: 3.6
NYT Review
“No One Killed Jessica," a film by Raj Kumar Gupta, revisits a notorious murder case in India. Read the review
Rotten Tomatoes:
Audience score: 66   Rotten Tomatoes page
Top Rotten Tomatoes Critics

At a time when Indian officials are immersed in kickback scandals and violence against women remains endemic, No One Killed Jessica deserves to be seen -- and heard. full review

Andy Webster, New York Times

One of the most infamous miscarriages of justice in Indian legal history is dynamically dramatized. full review

Richard Kuipers, Variety

A hybrid of fact and fiction, this Delhi-based thriller packs a punch no matter the label. full review

Lisa Tsering, Hollywood Reporter
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