Post Mortem

The bloody 1973 military coup in Chile is the center of this gripping drama about Mario (Alfredo Castro), a lonely morgue worker caught up in the chaos tearing apart his country. When the woman he loves, Nancy (Antonia Zegers), goes missing, Mario's political awakening begins. Mario's search for Nancy is interrupted when soldiers kidnap him and his boss (Jaime Vadell) and force them to conduct an autopsy on a secret and highly important corpse.
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Netflix Rating: 2.6
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Unfortunately, the pacing also moves at a zombie shuffle, with shots held past the point of ennui to agony.
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune  full review
Mesmerizing, somehow otherworldly...
Tom Keogh, Seattle Times  full review
Mario's life spirals out of control in unexpected ways.
V.A. Musetto, New York Post  full review
Post Mortem is - intentionally - not an engaging movie.
The first half's pretentiously doom-laden vibe suggests the film is slowly tunneling up its own rigor-mortised rectum. Patience, however, will be rewarded.
Josh Frank, Time Out New York  full review
[A] grim, intense, mordantly comic little film...
A.O. Scott, New York Times  full review
Often drolly, coolly morbid, Post Mortem also operates just as effectively in a more nakedly direct register.
Melissa Anderson, Village Voice  full review
Larrain's clever use of almost humorously unconventional framings, expressively washed-out colour tones and mysterious low-key performances brings together human comedy and historical tragedy to unique, and surprisingly emotional, effect.
Wally Hammond, Time Out  full review
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