Gerhard Richter Painting

Renowned painter Gerhard Richter reveals both his fascinating creative process and his famously grumpy personality in this documentary. Richter's unique method includes using both modified squeegees and brushes to create his abstract masterpieces.
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Richter gives off a heroic, creator-of-the-universe air as he strains to push the squeegee, exposing a new world in his wake.
Claude Peck, Minneapolis Star Tribune  full review
Richter offers multiple explanations of how he knows when a painting is done. They range from the mundane to the lofty.
Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post  full review
A mesmerizing look behind the curtain at a magician at work, a man who creates his enchantments not with a deck of cards or puffs of smoke but rather paint, brushes, canvas and a giant squeegee.
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times  full review
It shows us the world's most famous living painter, who turned 80 in February, at work with greater intimacy than any other film portrait of a contemporary artist provides.
Kenneth Baker, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
"Gerhard Richter - Painting" is a stirring portrait of an artist in search of his art - the mystery of the process, the beauty of the hunt and the wonder of discovery.
Tom Long, Detroit News  full review
A kind of residence with its subject rather than a report.
Stanley Kauffmann, The New Republic  full review
The sight of Richter going back and forth between two related canvases recalls Roger Federer playing tennis with himself in slow, deliberative motion.
Mark Feeney, Boston Globe  full review
Nearly two hours of drab, dull-as-dishwater footage of the politely taciturn painter quietly going about his business...
Murray Whyte, Toronto Star  full review
A documentary about the 80-year-old German artist putting paint on canvas that offers a look at the mighty mountain of creative achievement.
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail  full review
The film is sketchy as biography, but it proves an aging artist can still crackle with the electricity of youth.
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly  full review
The works in question express a delicate balance between spontaneity and rigid formal control -- seeing Richter at work is a bit like watching a great trapeze artist.
Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader  full review
Instead of trotting out people - friend and foe - to comment on the renowned German abstract painter, Belz allows Richter to tell his own story.
V.A. Musetto, New York Post  full review
Each swipe covers the old painting and reveals a new composition. Watching this can be fascinating, even exciting. After all, it prompts a fundamental movie question: What happens next?
Rachel Saltz, New York Times  full review
Gerhard Richter Painting artfully and convincingly immerses us into the world of one of the greatest, painting.
Aaron Hillis, Village Voice  full review
Gerhard Richter Painting offers fascinating insight into the working process of the famed contemporary artist as he prepares a series of abstract canvases.
Alissa Simon, Variety  full review
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  • Release Year: 2011
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  • Runtime: 97 min
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Directed By
Corinna Belz
Gerhard Richter

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