Ballplayer: Pelotero

John Leguizamo narrates this gritty documentary that takes an unprecedented look inside the world of Major League Baseball training camps in the Dominican Republic, focusing on two 15-year-olds who are top MLB prospects.
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[The] Directors...try to soften...ugly truths with sentimental stories of teenagers getting signed and pulling their families out of poverty, but the portrait of widespread exploitation overwhelms the intended effect...[ END HERE ]of these subplots
Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader  full review
It's an eye-opening look at a flawed, potentially exploitative system and how it is being gamed from all sides of the table -- the story of the collision of youthful dreams and a cutthroat adult cartel.
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times  full review
Hard-hitting sports doc examines the darker side of the recruitment of young baseball players in the Dominican Republic for the major leagues.
Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter  full review
What gives Pelotero its edge is a nexus of corruption, exploitation and betrayal that transforms this well-shot, cannily edited item into an engrossing expose.
Ronnie Scheib, Variety  full review
The next time I see some superstar athlete giving an interview that suggests the absence of a functioning soul, I'll think of the two tense, joyless boys at the center of this quietly devastating documentary.
Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal  full review
A documentary narrated by John Leguizamo that provides a seldom-seen look inside the training camps run by MLB in that impoverished nation.
V.A. Musetto, New York Post  full review
An efficient and often-enthralling documentary that follows the plight of two Dominican hopefuls on their path to the major leagues.
David Malitz, Washington Post  full review
We're so used to hearing innocuous cliches come out of the mouths of major leaguers in postgame interviews that the accusations and innuendo in this film are startling.
Neil Genzlinger, New York Times  full review
A scrappy documentary about teenage ballplayers in the Dominican Republic.
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
A well-crafted, bravely revealing little film that could be considered essential education for baseball fans.
Janice Page, Boston Globe  full review
A surprisingly nuanced essay on the collision between poverty, hope, exploitation and passion.
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune  full review
A gripping documentary that takes us inside the largely closed world of youth baseball training and recruitment in the Dominican Republic.
Andrew O'Hehir,  full review
An unexpectedly gripping portrait of how MLB's sausage gets made ...
Michael Leaverton, Village Voice  full review
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