Knives of the Avenger

Director Mario Bava's superior Viking epic stars Cameron Mitchell as the knife-wielding warrior Rurik, a mysterious vagabond who rescues the beautiful Queen Karin (Elissa Pichelli) and her young son from the clutches of an evil warlord (Fausto Tozzi). As Rurik forms a close relationship with her son, Karin questions why this man with the murky past is risking his life to protect them.
Netflix Rating: 2.8
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  • Release Year: 1966
  • MPAA Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 85 min
  • Available From: Oct 16, 2012
  • Queued by: 64 people
Directed By
Mario Bava
Elissa Pichelli, Fausto Tozzi, Cameron Mitchell, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Luciano Pollentin, Amedeo Trilli, Renato Terra, Sergio Cortona

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