Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap

In his directorial debut, Ice-T interviews dozens of other rap and hip-hop artists, including Mos Def, Eminem and Dr. Dre, about their creative processes. Focusing on the craft rather than the bling, Ice-T also documents the music's history.
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Netflix Rating: 4.0
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Rap confirms the art of the form from the inside. Only time can sort out the rest.
Michelle Orange, Village Voice  full review
In his debut as a documentarian, Ice T creates a vibrant portrait of how and why rap came to be.
Sara Stewart, New York Post  full review
This is a film that does sweat the technique, with at times illuminating and spirited results.
Nicolas Rapold, New York Times  full review
The interviews are often revealing and funny. And much of the music is tremendous.
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune  full review
The faces and voices are endlessly compelling as they talk about what inspires them to lay down beats and recall the early days in New York.
Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News  full review
An insightful film about the creative talents that have made hip-hop an original, enduring American musical tradition.
Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter  full review
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