The Good Doctor

Martin Blake, a young doctor setting out to establish his reputation, falls into an illicit romance with teenage patient Diane. When a colleague learns of the forbidden relationship, he uses the information to blackmail Dr. Blake for drugs.
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Netflix Rating: 2.9
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Wants to be a twisty nail-biter, but never creates much suspense or surprise.
Ian Buckwalter, The Atlantic  full review
Orlando Bloom gives one of his most interesting performances; It's a creepy, effectively chilling piece of work.
Richard Roeper, Richard  full review
Its meaning is unclear. Its vital signs are shaky. And before long, the whole frail thing's on life support, just begging for somebody to pull the plug.
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger  full review
Targeting age-old English class consciousness, not contemporary American healthcare woes, the movie is a shrewd commentary on careerism and status.
Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times  full review
Whether you take it as a comment on our rote acceptance of authority figures or just a deliciously creepy character study, you'll come away from "The Good Doctor" wanting to keep religiously eating that apple a day.
Sara Stewart, New York Post  full review
If "The Good Doctor" isn't a bad movie, it tells only half the story.
Stephen Holden, New York Times  full review
The film is anchored and greatly bolstered by Bloom, who delivers a performance of quietly escalating madness.
Nick Schager, Village Voice  full review
A creepy, darkly funny bit of entertainment.
Eric D. Snider,  full review
Daly deftly creates a disturbing, Chabrol-like tension that plays on immediate identification with the handsome medico's lonely, shy vulnerability and slow-building horror at the depths to which his self-delusion can sink.
Ronnie Scheib, Variety  full review
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  • Release Year: 2011
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Available From: Jan 18, 2013
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Directed By
Lance Daly
Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Taraji P. Henson, Rob Morrow, Michael Peña, Troy Garity

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