The Giant Mechanical Man

27rdp_giant_span-thumbstandard-v2 Janice, still adrift in the adult world in her 30s, shocks her family when she falls for Tim, a similarly aimless street performer. Ignoring pressure to marry self-absorbed Doug, Janice finds that settling down doesn't have to mean settling.
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Netflix Rating: 3.8
NYT Review
A lost soul unfit for even temporary work meets a street-corner mime and finds love in the romantic comedy “The Giant Mechanical Man." Read the review
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It's a wistful charmer.
Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press  full review
"The Giant Mechanical Man" won't change your life but it might lighten your heart.
Tom Long, Detroit News  full review
Replete with eye-roll-inducing contrivances and heavy-handed symbolism - both lovers share dreams of their teeth falling out - this arrested-development comedy panders to the work-averse by taking easy aim at ambitious careerists.
Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times  full review
Under a few layers of urban twee is a sly, knowing little romantic comedy full of spiky performances.
Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News  full review
Grinding its gears a bit in an attempt to achieve maximum quirkiness, "The Giant Mechanical Man" will meet most audiences' standards for "charming."
John Anderson, Variety  full review
Fischer ... imbues Janice with a wounded soulfulness that cuts right through the cliches.
Ernest Hardy, Village Voice  full review
A romance whose anodyne find-your-bliss theme is likeable but underwhelming, Lee Kirk's The Giant Mechanical Man doesn't fully exploit its premise's charms.
John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter  full review
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