The Passion of the Christ

Oscar-winning actor-director Mel Gibson helms this controversial epic that focuses on the last 12 hours of Jesus's life -- from the betrayal, trial and death of Jesus to his brutal crucifixion and resurrection from the tomb. Starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Maia Morgenstern as Jesus's mother and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene, The Passion is spoken entirely in Latin and Aramaic, and the violent Crucifixion scenes are incredibly graphic.
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If I were a Christian, I'd be appalled to have this primitive and pornographic bloodbath presume to speak for me.
Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader  full review
A negative and spiritually underwhelming experience.
Wally Hammond, Time Out  full review
[Gibson's] film, virtually stripped of Jesus's incandescent views, is little more that a record of one of the thousands of barbarities committed by the Romans in Judea.
Stanley Kauffmann, The New Republic  full review
Mr. Gibson has gone to a lot of sweat and expense to make a movie that doesn't say much of anything new.
Rex Reed, New York Observer
Whereas the words say love, love, love, the sounds and images say hate, hate, hate.
Andrew Sarris, New York Observer  full review
Puts us in a situation where we can't help but feel Jesus's pain. If only Gibson had taken the time to tell more of us why it mattered.
Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post
A very dour, pedestrian picture.
Stephanie Zacharek,  full review
This is a movie so singular, so intense, so overwhelming that it simply has to be experienced.
Phil Kloer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution  full review
A film of artistic ambition and devotion.
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post  full review
Gibson makes many of the key scenes work.
Robert Denerstein, Denver Rocky Mountain News
There are scenes in The Passion that will remain forever with those who see it.
Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press  full review
A filmed bloodletting like no other on record, essentially a terribly graphic two-hour torture sequence.
Tom Long, Detroit News
Controversy aside, The Passion is ultimately a movie -- and a masterful one at that, obviously the work of an extremely talented filmmaker.
Bloody to the point of gruesome, moving without being inspiring.
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel  full review
Instead of letting his reverence broaden him, Gibson uses his action-movie expertise to reduce the Crucifixion to something kinetic, literal and merely tragic.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
The extreme violence does not teach a lesson; it's an end in itself, more suited to the S&M crowd than to anyone seeking an uplifting sermon on everlasting redemption.
Glenn Lovell, San Jose Mercury News
Gibson ultimately seems to be preaching to the choir, rejecting standard storytelling conventions such as introducing his characters, assuming his audience already knows everything he's about to tell us.
Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times  full review
What graphic sex is to the use of the body in hardcore porno, graphic violence is to destruction of the body of Christ in this Passion.
Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star  full review
May have succeeded in exploiting Jesus's death for its most highly pitched emotion and drama. But in the process, for many believers, it may have served only to trivialize and further obscure the story's most central and sacred mysteries.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
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