Special Forces

While covering the war in Afghanistan, journalist Elsa Casanova is kidnapped by the Taliban and faces execution, and the Special Forces unit sent to rescue her ends up in a life-or-death chase of their own.
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Netflix Rating: 3.9
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If you turned the sound off and removed the subtitles, you might actually think you were watching an old Hollywood shoot-'em-up.
Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post  full review
"Special Forces" aims to inspire but ends up wallowing in melodrama.
Andy Webster, New York Times  full review
It's not only Americans who can make leaden, video game-style exercises in dumb war action.
Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times  full review
An uneven effort ...
Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News  full review
Could have been hilariously subversive if director Stephane Rybojad had pushed it further.
Chris Packham, Village Voice  full review
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