In a cloud of smoke, Vice magazine's Andy Capper follows rapper Snoop Dogg on a pilgrimage to Jamaica, where he experiences a spiritual and commercial transformation, reemerging as Snoop Lion, a reggae artist.
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Snoop has certainly tempered his worldview, but enlightenment isn't as evident here as much as a woozy weariness, perhaps a long-term byproduct of being very, very stoned.
Andy Webster, New York Times  full review
In its simplest moments ... "Reincarnated" presents an honesty that is its own reward. It shows us an old Dogg with no tricks.
Mikael Wood, Los Angeles Times  full review
Snoop's involvement as a producer does a disservice to the film. Was there anyone behind the scenes with veto power?
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
Snoop is a fascinating figure who deserves better than this puff piece.
Leor Galil, Chicago Reader  full review
The rap artist's spiritual journey (he's now Snoop Lion) seems earned, rather than the publicity stunt others might have caught a whiff of originally.
Miriam Bale, New York Daily News  full review
The whole thing does feel like a self-indulgent exercise on the part of Snoop, though he remains an artist of undeniable substance. In this case, a controlled substance.
Bruce Demara, Toronto Star  full review
If you're a sober fan of Snoop Dogg's rap songs, as I am, you're in trouble.
Odie Henderson, Chicago Sun-Times  full review
The film is as lightweight as the ganja-puffing is plentiful, little more than a vanity project that allows its subject to wax philosophical on his past triumphs, tragedies, and spiritual development ...
Nick Schager, Village Voice  full review
The whole thing ends up feeling like a superficial cross between a starstruck version of Vice's gonzo travelogues and a highly (ahem) stage-managed portrait of an artist in transition.
David Fear, Time Out New York  full review
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