Family Weekend

29rdp_familyweek_span-thumbstandard-v2 After her preoccupied parents fail to attend her jump-rope competition, 16-year-old Emily Smith-Dungy decides to hold them hostage until they change their attitude. But her plan hits a snag when the police step in.
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Netflix Rating: 3.8
NYT Review
Olesya Rulin stars in “Family Weekend," a comedy about a high school athlete who tries to make her family “normal." Read the review
Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten 36%
Critics' score: 36   Audience score: 67   Rotten Tomatoes page
Top Rotten Tomatoes Critics

Don't let the innocuous title fool you. Family Weekend is a subversive little comedy in which a tightly wound misfit of a teenage girl, fed up with watching her family spiral out of control, subjects her parents to an extreme intervention. full review

David Martindale, Dallas Morning News

The unconventional dysfunctional family has now become a Hollywood convention. It is familiar to a fault. full review

Tom Long, Detroit News

For a long while, director Benjamin Epps goes for breakneck farce; at its best, this is a batty mixture of family-values editorial and teen spoof. full review

Farran Smith Nehme, New York Post

We're sitting there, trapped. An angry little teenager's yelling at us. And we're not having any fun at all. full review

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

The script, by Matt K. Turner, is loaded with contradictions, its hollow flirtation with subversion amount to airplane pablum. full review

Andy Webster, New York Times

What keeps the film afloat is the buoyant young cast, with Rulin especially watchable as the tightly wound lead and Joey King as her younger sister, who's an aspiring actress. full review

Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times

There's no overcoming the poorly conceived premise of Benjamin Epps' debut comedy. But a strong start and solid cast take it further than one might expect. full review

Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News

The kind of dark-for-dark's sake, wannabe quirkfest that proves indie films can be just as cliched and vapid as the most soulless Hollywood movies. full review

Claudia Puig, USA Today

The direction by Benjamin Epps, who has an early cameo as a jump-rope judge, shows decent comic timing, but needs to dial the histrionics way down and find a script that has some substance beneath the shenanigans. full review

Eddie Cockrell, Variety

Quirky indie hell, thy name is Family Weekend. full review

Nick Schager, Village Voice
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  • Release Year: 2013
  • MPAA Rating: R
  • Runtime: 106 min
  • Available From: Jun 22, 2013
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Directed By
Benjamin Epps
Kristin Chenoweth, Matthew Modine, Olesya Rulin, Joey King, Shirley Jones, Eddie Hassell, Chloe Bridges, Adam Saunders