Playing for Keeps

07playing-thumbstandard A washed-up, former soccer star attempts to rebuild his relationship with his son and ex-wife by coaching his son's soccer team. His plan to reconnect with his family is met with challenges from the attractive soccer moms who pursue him everywhere.
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Netflix Rating: 3.7
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In Gabriele Muccino’s “Playing for Keeps" Gerard Butler portrays a former soccer star who spends his time coaching his son’s team and bedding mothers of his young players. Read the review
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Everyone involved deserves a script with more wit, originality and sense of purpose.
Anna Smith, Time Out  full review
Dennis Quaid hammers away at a nothing role as Thurman's husband, an adulterous alpha dog; it's nearly identical to the one he played earlier this year in What to Expect When You're Expecting, but who's counting?
J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader  full review
Smarmy. Dopey. Sloppy. Lazy. Creepy. Tone-deaf. Predictable. Embarrassing. Lousy.
Richard Roeper, Richard  full review
I'll long be haunted by Dennis Quaid's manic performance as a palm-greasing dad who seems to be under the influence of bath salts ...
Melissa Anderson, Village Voice  full review
Playing for Keeps takes place in a tonally incoherent universe, constantly shifting between rom-com farce and mawkish family drama.
Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly  full review
The only thing Playing for Keeps teaches us is: Guys, forget the bars and nightclubs. Soccer moms are where the action is.
Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald  full review
A film that's pretty much from the assembly line.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times  full review
An undistinguished, impact-free watch-checker that will soon be vaguely distracting transatlantic travelers who forgot to carry on their iPads.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post  full review
Butler beware: In acting as in soccer, if you keep taking dives, sooner or later you pay the penalty.
Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail  full review
It appears to be an empty-headed piffle of a film about a dashing former professional soccer star coaching his son's team and having affairs with an assortment of randy soccer moms. And that's precisely what it is.
Tom Long, Detroit News  full review
One of those movies that comes "straight from the heart" - the heart of the hack screenwriter's manual that pushes formulaic structure to cover up a lack of compelling characters, genuine emotion or actual humor.
Kyle Smith, New York Post  full review
For a trifle - one that probably looked like one on the printed page, too - "Playing for Keeps" somehow attracted a strong cast.
Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle  full review
At some point you hope [Butler] will find a movie that will give him the right material to make hearts truly beat faster.
Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times  full review
If Gerard Butler exudes rakish charm and Jessica Biel a charming flintiness, then why is Playing for Keeps so utterly charmless?
Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer  full review
"Playing for Keeps" plods along pretty much as you'd expect. Its small pleasures come from the relaxed cast.
Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times  full review
None of it is especially credible or engaging.
Manohla Dargis, New York Times  full review
This is modern movie stardom, and it's depressing: the romantic lead who could also be selling us body spray.
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe  full review
Playing for Keeps doesn't play with a full deck.
Peter Howell, Toronto Star  full review
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  • Release Year: 2012
  • MPAA Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 106 min
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Directed By
Gabriele Muccino
Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, Noah Lomax, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, James Tupper, Judy Greer, Abella Wyss, Grant Goodman