Forever Strong

26strong Rick (Sean Faris) is a star player on his dad's rugby team until a DUI lands him in a reformatory. While he's serving his sentence, tough rival coach Larry Gelwix (Gary Cole) allows him to play for his team, which helps Rick straighten up his act. Upon his release, however, Rick becomes a pariah to his former teammates and even his father when he refuses to divulge Gelwix's strategies. Sean Astin co-stars in this inspiring true story.
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Netflix Rating: 4.2
NYT Review
"Forever Strong" was devised by committee, plotted by machine and acted on cruise control. Read the review
Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten 32%
Critics' score: 30   Audience score: 75   Rotten Tomatoes page
Top Rotten Tomatoes Critics

Though director Ryan Little puts together a clean, professional package, at bottom this is a nearly-two-hour scrum of therapeutic direct encounters. full review

Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice

This earnest indie production comes across like formulaic fiction while taking cues (and recycling cliches) from the 'inspirational sports drama' playbook. full review

Joe Leydon, Variety

As directed by Ryan Little and written by David Pliler, Forever Strong dredges up every sports movie cliché and stereotype ever invented. (Cue the slow-mo in the rain.) full review

V.A. Musetto, New York Post

Shares the secret sin of many a pigskin pic: Despite all the macho posturing, the corny story is just as sappy as anything on Lifetime. full review

Adam Markovitz, Entertainment Weekly

The whole package here is warmed-over mush from a hundred other sports movies, a tale padded out with game footage, training sequences, absurd coincidences, life lessons that teach nothing and wasted casting. full review

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

The movie is well shot and edited, the rugby scenes are enjoyable (if likely puzzling to the uninitiated) and Strong's earnestness excuses at least some of its predictability. full review

Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times
full review by Boston Globe, Boston Globe
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