Brokeback Mountain

09brok While working together near Wyoming's Brokeback Mountain in 1963, sheepherders Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) begin an increasingly passionate affair. But keeping their relationship a secret from their wives (Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams) proves agonizing and all-consuming. Ang Lee directs this Oscar-winning drama based on a short story by Pulitzer Prize winner E. Annie Proulx.
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Annie Proulx's heartbreaking story of two cowboys who fall in love while herding sheep in 1963 has been faithfully translated onto the screen in Ang Lee's landmark film. Heath Ledger (in a great performance worthy Brando at his peak) and Jake Gyllenhaal bring them fully alive. Read the review
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Like all great love stories, Ang Lee's is one of tragic romance, strongly acted by Heath Ledger as the most buttoned-up of cowboys, and Michelle Williams as his betrayed and enraged wife.
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger  full review
Both [Gyllenhaal and Ledger] embody what that old Waylon and Willie song taught us -- 'Cowboys ain't easy to love, and they're harder to hold.'
Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel  full review
A sweeping, solemn, self-serious chronicle of their relationship over several decades.
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post  full review
It has become shorthand to call Brokeback Mountain the 'gay cowboy movie,' but it is much more than that glib description implies. This is a human story, a haunting film in the tradition of the great Hollywood romantic melodramas.
Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune  full review
A film about love and the cost of lying that's exquisite in its beauty, painful in its truths.
Amy Biancolli, Houston Chronicle  full review
The movie has a universal quality because it tells a story of unfulfilled lives and roots it in the well-observed specifics of a vanishing Western culture.
Robert Denerstein, Denver Rocky Mountain News
Like these indelible cowboys, you, too, may find it impossible not to succumb to the powerful, quiet greatness that is Brokeback Mountain.
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post  full review
Brokeback Mountain the power to break your heart -- and, perhaps more important, to open it.
Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press  full review
With its measured pace and its sumptuous visuals, transforming a taboo into a romantic totem, this opening act is fascinating, like watching Red River with the subtext cranked way up.
Rick Groen, Globe and Mail  full review
If love does indeed conquer all, it should win hearts across America. If not, then its focus on a tragic stigma will remain as valid as its story suggests.
Tom Long, Detroit News  full review
The reason to see Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain, and see it you should, isn't its hot-button topicality or its cultural cachet but simply that it's a very good movie, with a staggeringly fine performance by Heath Ledger.
Ty Burr, Boston Globe  full review
There's no contest. Brokeback Mountain is the most poignant movie love story of the year.
Bill Muller, Arizona Republic  full review
If the cowboy movies of John Wayne and John Ford were about the opening of the American West, Brokeback Mountain is the somber slam of its closing.
Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News
A good and eloquent Wyoming-set love story with a great performance at its heart.
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune  full review
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