Chicago Reader

  1. Where Soldiers Come From 2011 The documentary sometimes feels like the work of a filmmaker who began with a preconceived story and wasn't quite sure what to do with the one she actually got. full review
  2. Evening 2007 It took me a while to warm to these people and their self-consciously idyllic settings -- as well as to the slick direction of former cinematographer Lajos Koltai -- but I was eventually won over. full review
  3. Jack's Back 1987 full review
  4. Surf Nazis Must Die 1987 full review
  5. Style Wars 1983 full review
  6. Incubo sulla citta contaminata (Nightmare City) (Invasion by the Atomic Zombies) 1980 full review
  7. The Spell 1977 full review
  8. Bucktown 1975 full review
  9. Escape to Witch Mountain 1975
  10. The Black Godfather 1974 full review
  11. Girl on a Motorcycle (1968) 1968 full review

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