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  1. Our Nixon 2013 It's a haunting, thoroughly evocative ride. full review
  2. The Paperboy 2012 There is so much grit in Kidman and McConaughey's performances, it's a lot for Efron to stand up to, but he does a good job of giving Jack a cocky innocence that is disarming. full review
  3. Welcome To Pine Hill 2012 Mixes real-life situations and characters with fictionalized narrative threads to create a highly authentic slice-of-life drama. full review
  4. Henry's Crime 2010 The film's ungainly mix of heist, romance and backstage comedy never jells. full review
  5. Colma: The Musical 2006 A winning amalgam of MySpace-ish self-involvement, digital video immediacy and 'Hey kids, let's put on a show' gumption. full review
  6. Crossing the Line 2006 A tale of alienation and adaptation both miraculous and strange, but also abduction both psychological and physical. full review
  7. Mind the Gap 2005 There are a couple of affecting moments here and there, but they are lost amid more than two snail-paced hours of often maudlin tedium. full review
  8. A League of Ordinary Gentlemen 2003 Informative and endearing film. full review
  9. God Said, Ha! 1998 full review
  10. Kurt & Courtney 1998 full review
  11. Talk of Angels 1998 full review
  12. Fairy Tale - A True Story 1997 full review
  13. Unzipped 1995 full review
  14. Two Bits 1994 full review
  15. True Grit 1969 full review

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