Aaron Hillis, Village Voice

  1. Two Lives 2014 Seven decades later, the creative well has somehow not yet run dry on the ripple effects of Nazi Germany's offenses, though writer-director Georg Maas's slick and sulky second feature is not another dime-a-dozen Holocaust tragedy. full review
  2. Computer Chess 2013 Teases out unanswered existential and behavioral questions about mankind's curious obsession with artificial intelligence and automation. full review
  3. Filly Brown 2013 More heartfelt, humanistic, and entertaining than such a cliched showbiz cautionary tale has any right to be. full review
  4. A Girl And A Gun 2013 Since the conversation is unfocused and there's no real thesis, we get a girl and a gun but not really a movie. full review
  5. Kai Po Che! 2013 The dramatic stakes are so puny that every obstacle can be overcome with a simple work-it-out montage, a cheap device prevalent enough in this movie to start a drinking game. full review
  6. Love Sick Love 2013 Attempts to transform meet-cute romance into an absurdist fatal-attraction thriller, but ends up neither fish nor fowl. full review
  7. Gayby 2012 A hilariously bitchy but sweet comedy that serves as Gotham's answer to Portlandia. full review
  8. K-11 2012 Like an on-the-nose parody of Lee Daniels directing an episode of Oz, K-11 is a pulpy, tone-deaf mess of confused directorial intent ... full review
  9. The Loneliest Planet 2012 Julia Loktev's marvelous, slow-burning follow-up to her minimalist thriller Day Night Day Night somehow manages to be both audacious and subtle. full review
  10. Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie 2012 In every swelling musical cue, Billion Dollar Movie displays open contempt for friendship, family, love, sex, heroism, and everything lofty and beautiful that multiplex movies have reduced to cant. full review
  11. Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day 2012 Flatly shot and lit like a cable-TV movie, with a mismatched Franken-score of flowery flourishes and suspense-feigning propulsion, On the 7th Day sadly contains some fine, earnest acting... full review
  12. Flypaper 2011 The ensemble's amped-up histrionics rub against each other without ever catching fire. full review
  13. I Melt with You 2011 Stylish cinematography and an awesome punk-and-new-wave soundtrack make the early, music-video-like montages of debauchery at least trashy entertainment, but the film's second half couldn't be more contemptible... full review
  14. The Ledge 2011 Even if The Ledge couldn't be written off as a hollow polemic, there's also the lifeless drama, laughable dialogue, chintzy sets, and poor lighting to grapple with. full review
  15. Severe Clear 2010 A potent reminder of how thankless a soldier's job is. full review
  16. Waiting for Forever 2010 [Waiting for Forever is] strangely unaware of its overt creepiness. full review
  17. Objectified 2009 A slickly entertaining and thorough enough curiosity about the form, function, context, inspiration, and evolution of industrial design. full review
  18. TiMER 2009 A romcom is a romcom, however, and at least this one's more charming than most of Jennifer Aniston's career. full review
  19. Valhalla Rising 2009 Mesmerizing ... A trippy nightmare of savage poetry burning slow across bleak and otherworldly landscapes. full review
  20. The Burning Plain 2008 The Burning Plain marks Arriaga's behind-the-camera debut, and his obviousness is staggering. full review
  21. 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama 2006 The 11th question would be: Does a TV-grade travelogue followed by a halfway-decent Q&A warrant a theatrical release? full review
  22. /titles/198151 Much like his fly-boyflyboy underdog in the opening sequence, Wilson simply can't stick the landing. full review
  23. /titles/200808 Canadian comedy hits rock bottom in this abhorrent meta-infomercial for a Funny or Die-like network boasting uncensored online content ... full review

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