Andy Seiler, USA Today

  1. Mansfield Park 1999 Even if you have never read Austen, you will sense that something is wrong here long before a nude scene that would have made the author hide under a table.
  2. From Dusk Till Dawn 1996 As the bloodsuckers attack our 'heroes' again and again, you feel like you're watching a video game -- from dusk to dawn.
  3. /titles/197463 Robert Iscove pads the slight script with montages of San Francisco. full review
  4. /titles/199794 A good live-action children's movie -- a species so rare that many presumed it extinct. full review
  5. /titles/199759 Swingers is uneven, amateurish and borderline misogynistic. But it's also very funny, and it never loses its cool. full review