Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic

  1. Girl On A Bicycle 2014 More dippy than romantic or funny. full review
  2. The Act Of Killing 2013 It's a film that is absolutely hard to watch. It's also a film that absolutely should be seen. full review
  3. Adore 2013 That the mothers are played by Robin Wright and Naomi Watts is really the only thing that makes the movie something more than an unintentional comedy. full review
  4. Aftershock 2013 The ending is sick enough to make it almost worth the wait. Key word: almost. full review
  5. And While We Were Here 2013 "And While We Were Here" is just good enough to pique your curiosity, but never quite good enough to captivate. full review
  6. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me 2013 Don't think of "Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me" as a sad tale. Cautionary, maybe. Mostly it's a celebration of a great band making great music, if only for a short time. full review
  7. Blackfish 2013 "Blackfish" is a disturbing movie, one that will make you rethink parks like SeaWorld and their value. full review
  8. Blue Is The Warmest Color 2013 So full of passions and appetites, it's impossible for it not to exhaust you. Yet, isn't too much of a good thing better than not enough of it? full review
  9. Cockneys vs Zombies 2013 [Hoene] set out to make a funny, fast-moving gross-out zombie flick, nothing beyond that, and he has succeeded with style. full review
  10. Crystal Fairy 2013 Writer and director Sebastian Silva based his film on his own experiences but allows his actors so much space and time that you feel as if you could be watching home movies. full review
  11. Cutie And The Boxer 2013 A painful, powerful portrait of the struggle and sacrifice required to create, and the cost that it can demand. full review
  12. Dead Man's Burden 2013 It's a strong debut for Moshe, who, with the exception of some of the oater dialogue, shows both a reverence for and a knowledge of the genre that's intriguing. full review
  13. Dorfman in Love 2013 The story is simple and predictable, harmlessly pleasant (except when it tries to be a little edgy; then it's just silly). full review
  14. Drinking Buddies 2013 Swanberg doesn't exactly reinvent the romantic-comedy formula, but he explores it in unexpected ways, with a terrific cast making the relationships all the more genuine and enjoyable. full review
  15. Europa Report 2013 There is something refreshing in the decidedly downbeat "Europa Report," a science-fiction film with the emphasis on science that doesn't cheat on the tension. full review
  16. Frances Ha 2013 Like Gerwig's performance, it's natural, it's realistic, perfectly believable. full review
  17. G.I. Joe: Retaliation 2013 Ever played a video game with a friend and had to sit there while he hogged it, leaving you to do nothing but watch for what seemed like hours? full review
  18. Geography Club 2013 "Geography Club" almost makes up in good intentions what it lacks in technique and execution. full review
  19. The Haunting of Helena 2013 It doesn't offer anything new to the genre, but chugs along pretty well until the plot holes begin to pile up. full review
  20. The History Of Future Folk 2013 It is so charming and sweet ... and the songs are so winning that it is impossible not to fall for it. full review
  21. The Iceman 2013 Why would anyone want to watch something so determinedly downbeat, so unerringly serious? Because of the performances, Shannon's in particular. full review
  22. It's a Disaster 2013 You certainly wouldn't want to spend your last moments with this bunch, but a couple of hours watching them is enjoyable enough. full review
  23. Narco Cultura 2013 "Narco Cultura" aims to tell the story of what's happened in Juarez and in Mexico (and, by virtue of its immense appetite for drugs, the U.S.). Instead, it feels more like a couple of intriguing chapters. full review
  24. Passion 2013 In a film that isn't so good ... excess becomes a lot less enjoyable. And "Passion" isn't so good. full review
  25. Peeples 2013 The elements are all there. They're just thrown together in haphazard fashion. A funny scene here, an attempt at a touching scene there, toss, repeat randomly, the end. full review
  26. Room 237 2013 It's nuts, in the best possible way. full review
  27. Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf's 2013 As a sociological exercise, it's like another culture. As a film, it's like science fiction, a visit to Planet Obscenely Wealthy. It is weirdly compelling. full review
  28. Shadow Dancer 2013 These are characters for whom true belief in a cause has probably become impossible; they know how much that costs. Marsh does a compelling job of illustrating that for the rest of us. full review
  29. Sightseers 2013 It's not a perfect blend, but Ben Wheatley's film is different enough - on second thought, let's just call it what it is: weird - to warrant your attention. Your admiration, even. full review
  30. Simon Killer 2013 "Simon Killer" is a beautifully made look at ugliness and brutality, the kind of oxymoronic exercise that fascinates some and repels others. full review
  31. Something in the Air 2013 Every kid believes the world around him is changing in ways it hasn't before; for these kids, it really was. Or had. full review
  32. Stand Up Guys 2013 In the end Stevens, probably wisely, just gets out of the way and lets the old guys have a ball. full review
  33. Upstream Color 2013 I loved it. full review
  34. We Are What We Are 2013 "We Are What We Are" is such a patient, trusting film it may take you a while to figure out it's a horror film. full review
  35. We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks 2013 At once an awkward mingling of two complex life stories and a gripping, necessary look at how information is gathered, shared and, yes, stolen. full review
  36. Wrong 2013 The key to making a movie like this work is for the characters to invest themselves completely in the weird little universe Dupieux has created for them, and they do. full review
  37. 17 Girls 2012 "17 Girls" doesn't try to explain its many mysteries. That would have made for a better film, but this one does a nice job showing its effects. full review
  38. 30 Beats 2012 It means to be an interconnected story, in which one coupling leads to another in increasingly ridiculous fashion, until you're not only no longer interested, you're grinding your teeth, hoping it will end. full review
  39. 56 Up 2012 Yes, on some level it's just a seven-year check-in with people maybe half-remembered, if that. Yet the films also serve as a kind of check-in with us, too. full review
  40. The Awakening 2012 There is nothing in the film that will keep you awake at night. Instead, "The Awakening" works much more subtly, with a profound sense of dread and resignation, a death-obsessed movie given life by Hall's performance. full review
  41. Barbara 2012 Hoss is fantastic. Barbara is ice cold at the start, understandably so. Yet Hoss makes her sympathetic. full review
  42. Bernie 2012 A dead-solid-perfect depiction of small-town life. full review
  43. The Central Park Five 2012 You'll notice something odd as you watch and your anger rises at the injustice of it all: The anger of the wrongly convicted does not. full review
  44. Compliance 2012 This is one insistent film, more evocative of human behavior than movies that take fewer risks ever could be. full review
  45. Dark Horse 2012 That Gelber can make Abe appealing in any way is a triumph. That Solondz can orchestrate such a feat is an even bigger one. full review
  46. The Do-Deca-Pentathlon 2012 Even as small movies go, it's tiny, with a budget to match. But it's got a big heart. full review
  47. God Bless America 2012 Interesting, sometimes kind of fun but, ultimately, not as satisfying as it might have been. full review
  48. Grave Encounters 2 2012 "Grave Encounters 2" is a miserable affair, a sequel to a movie that drummed up most of its attention online but one that had a few starts and scares along the way. full review
  49. Headhunters 2012 "Headhunters" is an absurd amount of grisly fun, which is a good thing, since, looked at in any great detail, it probably doesn't hold up all that well. full review
  50. Holy Motors 2012 Leos Carax's surreal ode to ... identity? Movies? Performance? Identity and performance in movies, or movies and performance in identity, or some other combination that will come to mind upon further viewings? full review
  51. I Wish 2012 What's so remarkable about the happiness the film brings is its simplicity. full review
  52. The Imposter 2012 "The Imposter" becomes more than just a missing-persons drama. It hints at something much darker: a real-life horror story, the full truth of which may never be known. full review
  53. The Innkeepers 2012 "The Innkeepers" is a nifty little scary movie with slacker trappings, another winning deconstruction of a genre film by writer and director Ti West. full review
  54. Jiro Dreams of Sushi 2012 Obsessive, we were saying? Oh my, yes, and that's what makes the film so compelling. full review
  55. Katy Perry: Part of Me 2012 I'm not sure what I was expecting from "Katy Perry: Part of Me," but I know it wasn't this: a pleasant surprise. full review
  56. L!fe Happens 2012 It's more like watching an extended sitcom than a movie. full review
  57. Marley 2012 Clocking in at nearly two and a half hours, it is gripping from the start, not just because of the quality of the music, but because of Marley's magnetic, challenging personality, as well. full review
  58. Masquerade 2012 There are plenty of antecedents for the story, like "The Prince and the Pauper" and "Dave." But what it lacks in originality, it makes up for in Lee's performance. full review
  59. Monsieur Lazhar 2012 A gentle film can still be searing in its effect on an audience, something that "Monsieur Lazhar" proves emphatically. full review
  60. My Way 2012 They should have spent more on the screenplay. full review
  61. Not Fade Away 2012 There are plenty of laughs along with the melodrama as the band and its members struggle through young adulthood. full review
  62. October Baby 2012 Directors Andrew and Jon Erwin, who also contributed to the story, rarely let their film get didactic, instead going for a more low-key approach. full review
  63. The Possession 2012 "The Possession" isn't exactly "The Exorcist," but Ole Bornedal's film hits enough high notes to make it a worthwhile addition to the exorcism-film heap, somewhere in the lower middle. full review
  64. The Queen of Versailles 2012 "The Queen of Versailles" is funny, sad, infuriating, instructive. It's the American Dream inflated to ridiculous extremes, until it bursts. full review
  65. Red Dawn 2012 Could be fun, you might think. No. Bad acting and worse dialogue quickly put an end to that notion. full review
  66. Red Hook Summer 2012 For the most part it's all rather pleasant, if somewhat aimless. full review
  67. Red Lights 2012 A lot of talent comes up empty in "Red Lights," a thriller that doesn't thrill. full review
  68. A Royal Affair 2012 Director Nikolaj Arcel gets outstanding performances from all three of the principals, which enlivens the whole affair considerably. full review
  69. Safe 2012 Yakin, who wrote and directed the film, keeps things moving with ever-inventive ways to kill and maim. full review
  70. Safety Not Guaranteed 2012 A charming movie that blends comedy, romance and science fiction -- not necessarily the most obvious combination of genres, but one that director Colin Trevorrow and writer Derek Connolly manage with assured ease. full review
  71. The Sapphires 2012 It's pure joy. full review
  72. Seeking Justice 2012 It's a crime thriller starring Nicolas Cage, but it's not as bad as that phrase implies. full review
  73. Side by Side 2012 It's this simple: If you like movies, you need to see "Side by Side." full review
  74. Skyfall 2012 While "Skyfall" obviously has a great fondness for the past, it's not trapped there. It also anticipates Bond's future. In this immensely satisfying movie, so do we. full review
  75. Solomon Kane 2012 [It] does have its moments and gets better as it goes along. full review
  76. Starlet 2012 The film is about as indie as indie movies get, with a homemade, washed-out look that drives home the genuineness of the performances. full review
  77. Take This Waltz 2012 If uncompromising honesty is the quality you seek for a film, Michelle Williams is your go-to star. full review
  78. This Is Not a Film 2012 It's a statement about courage, a poke in the eye of political oppression. full review
  79. Tyler Perry's Good Deeds 2012 There aren't a lot of laughs in "Good Deeds," and it could have used more of them. full review
  80. Waiting For Lightning 2012 A kind of "Behind the Music" for the skateboard set (only without much input from the main songwriter, as it were). full review
  81. Albert Nobbs 2011 [Close gives] an intriguing performance, technically flawless, if by necessity distant. full review
  82. The Artist 2011 "The Artist" is such an engaging, delightful film that, if you like movies, you will walk out of the theater with a smile. You just will; it's that inspired. full review
  83. Bellflower 2011 "Bellflower," writer, director and star Evan Glodell's debut, bursts at the seams with wild creativity. full review
  84. Buck 2011 full review
  85. Burke and Hare 2011 "Burke and Hare" is a waste of a good cast and a better story, as well as a hollow reminder of how John Landis seemingly has lost his touch. full review
  86. The Iron Lady 2011 A stylized biography of one of the most powerful women in politics, portrayed by the greatest actress of our time, that asks more questions than it answers. full review
  87. Like Crazy 2011 What could have come off as stilted and artificial is instead genuine and natural. full review
  88. A Lonely Place to Die 2011 Part high-altitude adventure movie, part kidnapping caper film, "A Lonely Place to Die" is more exciting than smart, though that's not the worst thing you can say about a movie. full review
  89. The Other F Word 2011 For the most part the film is an interesting, and occasionally fascinating, look at getting older and taking on responsibility. full review
  90. Page One: Inside the New York Times 2011 The film is interesting and at times enlightening, but it's all over the map. full review
  91. Sarah Palin: You Betcha! 2011 We don't learn anything really new about Palin's politics or her personality, save for a few details that don't shed much light on her thinking (or lack thereof). full review
  92. Seven Days In Utopia 2011 [It's] told in such predictable and bland fashion it dulls the effect. And this in a movie with Robert Duvall, Lucas Black and Melissa Leo. full review
  93. Sholem Aleichem: Laughing in the Darkness 2011 A rich, winning documentary... full review
  94. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview 2011 It's just a static shot, the same angle, one guy talking. But what a guy. full review
  95. This Must Be The Place 2011 The cast ... is outstanding, dragging the offbeat story through the occasional look-at-me distractions. full review
  96. Undefeated 2011 What makes this a terrific film is how much we care about the players. full review
  97. Young Adult 2011 Reitman makes bold choices with the story. Not all are fun to watch in the moment, but they add up to a satisfying portrait of a woman off the rails, someone we can laugh at even when we're horrified. full review
  98. Bill Cunningham New York 2010 It's not just what he does. It's who he is. And he approaches it with such unbridled passion and joy that you can't help but sharing in it; absolutely no knowledge or love of fashion is required. full review
  99. Biutiful 2010 Bardem's performance makes it not just bearable but rich and compelling. full review
  100. Blue Valentine 2010 A searing portrait of the disintegration of not just a marriage but, more importantly, the love that once fueled it. full review
  101. Casino Jack And The United States Of Money 2010 Abramoff documentary is appalling, entertaining full review
  102. The Company Men 2010 [It's] not a pretty story, of course. But it's a compelling one and, thanks to Wells and a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones and Chris Cooper, an entertaining one. full review
  103. Greenberg 2010 Stiller is expert at playing self-indulgent types unaware of their boorishness, and Greenberg is no exception. full review
  104. Henry's Crime 2010 Go for Caan and Farmiga, and stay to be surprised by Reeves. full review
  105. Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work 2010 A compulsively watchable look at Rivers, show business and the price one pays to try to continue succeeding in it. full review
  106. The Joneses 2010 There's a nicely cynical streak at the heart of The Joneses, until Borte goes soft and lets the audience off the hook. full review
  107. The King's Speech 2010 OK, sure, "The King's Speech" obviously is feel-good Oscar bait, but who cares? It's also a terrific movie with two fantastic performances at its heart. full review
  108. A Little Help 2010 It's no disaster, just OK, with Fischer boosting it a notch or two from what it otherwise would be. full review
  109. Nowhere Boy 2010 Although he doesn't look much like Lennon, Johnson captures that essence perfectly; the future icon is here a confused, hurt boy. full review
  110. Restrepo 2010 The reaction of a soldier to the death of another - unvarnished, disbelieving grief so raw it's difficult to watch - is among the most moving footage of war and its cost imaginable. full review
  111. Rubber 2010 Your enjoyment of French filmmaker Quentin's Dupieux's movie depends in large part on your capacity to enjoy the absurd. I enjoyed it quite a bit. full review
  112. Senna 2010 You don't have to know anything about car racing at all. Instead, you simply have to like a great story, one that has all the elements: drama, inspiration, competition, victory, defeat, betrayal and, looming above it all, tragedy. full review
  113. Somewhere 2010 It's the kind of thing some people will appreciate and embrace, while others will flee in a fit of frustrated boredom. My advice: Stick around. full review
  114. Sons of Perdition 2010 What's here is compelling, if occasionally hard to follow. full review
  115. Tabloid 2010 Errol Morris is a genius, a gifted documentarian who has made better movies than "Tabloid," but none so entertaining. full review
  116. Waiting for Forever 2010 "Waiting for Forever" evidently is an attempt to portray love as purest when expressed by those who are most innocent, untainted by the ugliness of the real world. But it misses the mark completely, coming off instead as creepy. full review
  117. Antichrist 2009 Of course, von Trier wants us to react, to be repulsed, shocked, offended. Mission accomplished. full review
  118. Best Worst Movie 2009 A documentary so enthusiastic, good-natured and sweet about such an abject disaster that it almost makes Troll 2 worthwhile. full review
  119. The Boys Are Back 2009 If The Boys Are Back takes some emotional shortcuts, it still manages to convey some of the more mystifying aspects of parenthood. full review
  120. Bronson 2008 This is psychotic behavior as performance art, and Hardy makes it irresistible. full review
  121. Elegy 2008 Elegy is a rare treat: a serious film that, thanks to Kingsley and the rest, doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. full review
  122. Happy-Go-Lucky 2008 Expertly directed by Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky is not only joyous but substantial. full review
  123. In Bruges 2008 The dialogue is front and center, in spite of the picturesque setting and all the goings-on, and it's the best thing about the film. full review
  124. Let the Right One In 2008 John Ajvide Lindqvist's script (from his novel) nails adolescent pain perfectly and is realized by Tomas Alfredson's expert direction. full review
  125. Rachel Getting Married 2008 With a powerhouse performance in Rachel Getting Married, Anne Hathaway slams shut the book on princess diaries and such with authority. full review
  126. Lars and the Real Girl 2007 Sweet, moving and heartfelt aren't necessarily the first words that come to mind when describing the tender tale of a young man and his sex doll, yet all three apply to Lars and the Real Girl. full review

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