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  1. Brighton Rock 2011 Where the first film had a lawyer spouting Shakespeare, this one mostly has visual panache - crosses and crucifixes rather than dialogue about religion. full review
  2. An American Affair 2009 If you can get past the exploitation-of-minors thing, there's a tawdry exuberance to moments like the one in which the twerp and his overage girlfriend drunkenly splash paint on each other. full review
  3. In Bruges 2008 It plays really engagingly, with the leads doing a wonderful Mutt and Jeff act and the camera lingering lovingly over scenery that looks awfully pretty in the moments before it gets spattered with blood. full review
  4. Cidade dos Homens (City of Men) 2007 full review
  5. Eagle vs. Shark 2007 full review
  6. Evening 2007 full review
  7. Into the Wild 2007 As [Hirsch] struggles with the elements, his increasing frailty and the cinematography's increasing grandeur mesh in a way that's at once iconic and wrenching. full review
  8. Lars and the Real Girl 2007 full review
  9. A Mighty Heart 2007 Knowing how this harrowing story played out in real life doesn't diminish its power in the slightest. full review
  10. No End in Sight 2007 full review
  11. There Will Be Blood 2007 This sometimes magnificent, decidedly strange film is a portrait of a terrible, rapacious man. full review
  12. You Kill Me 2007 full review
  13. Zodiac 2007 There are no tidy, last-minute plot twists to make you feel good in Fincher's Zodiac, just focus -- to keep an audience focused -- and the most disciplined filmmaking you've seen in forever. full review
  14. Golden Door 2006 full review
  15. Penelope 2006 full review
  16. This Is England 2006 full review
  17. United 93 2006 full review
  18. Broken Flowers 2005 full review
  19. Capote 2005 full review
  20. The Producers 2005 full review
  21. Secuestro Express 2004 full review

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