Bruce Demara, Toronto Star

  1. The Right Kind of Wrong 2014 A pleasantly diverting romantic comedy. full review
  2. Stranger by the Lake 2014 Writer/director Alain Guiraudie weaves a dark and intriguing tale of desire and menace in a moralistically ambiguous setting, a gay cruising ground. full review
  3. The Attack 2013 [Doueiri] does a fine job of presenting us with two worlds in conflict: modern, prosperous and progressive Tel Aviv, and Nablus, a city of shadows, squalor and paranoia. full review
  4. Concussion 2013 An engrossing meditation on modern alienation and the ways we cope when we discover something missing in our lives. full review
  5. The Dirties 2013 In such a cluttered cultural space, it feels so startlingly fresh, urgent, honest and real. full review
  6. Girl Most Likely 2013 Once you get past Imogene's insufferableness, you'll find yourself rooting for her. full review
  7. Haute Cuisine 2013 With a title like Haute Cuisine, one can expect a high degree of gastronomic titillation. On that score, the film delivers. full review
  8. A Hijacking 2013 A finely spun tale that eschews sensationalism to focus on the human toll on the captives, their families and their employers back home. full review
  9. How I Live Now 2013 How I Live Now centres on what happens to a group of young people when civilization begins to crumble. But it's also a poignant love story, a compelling, against-all-odds one at that. full review
  10. Kai Po Che! 2013 It's a sprawling tale of friendship during a tumultuous time of sectarian strife in India. full review
  11. Man of Tai Chi 2013 Without Chen in the lead role, Man of Tai Chi could easily have been chop-socky awful. full review
  12. Metallica Through the Never 2013 Through the Never succeeds as a concert film by serving up enough dazzling visual wizardry and good ol' thrash metal rock to make it a passably engaging experience. full review
  13. Passion 2013 One's ultimate reaction is likely to one of indifference, bemusement or outright disdain considering the pedigree of the filmmaker helming the project: Brian De Palma. full review
  14. Sightseers 2013 With a wink and a shrug, Sightseers shows us evil in all its banality. full review
  15. Syrup 2013 Syrup is an unsatisfying blend of romantic comedy and scathing social satire, slamming the high-stakes games of product marketing and sales. full review
  16. Tai Chi Hero 2013 Purist fans of martial arts cinema probably won't embrace this film any more than its predecessor. full review
  17. Touchy Feely 2013 Despite its hints of New Age mysticism and serviceable performances from an able cast, Touchy Feely is too entrenched in its dour tone to be uplifting. full review
  18. 5 Broken Cameras 2012 Israeli filmmaker Guy Davidi helps shape all of the footage into a compelling and very personal documentary, helping to craft the eloquent commentary in Burnat's voice that knits it all together. full review
  19. Bernie 2012 Bernie isn't a particularly likeable guy and Black's opaque performance never lets us get beneath the surface to find a character we might actually care about. full review
  20. Citadel 2012 While Foy's efforts to create his own distinct modern urban mythos are ambitious, the result isn't entirely satisfying. full review
  21. Dangerous Liaisons 2012 [A] lusty and sumptuous retelling of the classic pre-French Revolution novel, Les Liaisons Dangereuses. full review
  22. Hellbound? 2012 As filled with good intentions as it clearly is, Hellbound? feels painfully earnest throughout as well as cluttered and only occasionally illuminating. full review
  23. How to Survive a Plague 2012 Presents a valuable template for how grassroots activism can temper societal prejudice and challenge governmental indifference in the face of a mysterious and remorseless killer. full review
  24. A Late Quartet 2012 [It] may not sound like a scintillatingly good time at the movies, but actually it is. full review
  25. Red Dawn 2012 Just really, really lame, right down to the Communist symbols that adorn the revised Stars and Stripes. full review
  26. Red Lights 2012 A clever thriller, bolstered by three great performances. full review
  27. Reincarnated 2012 The whole thing does feel like a self-indulgent exercise on the part of Snoop, though he remains an artist of undeniable substance. In this case, a controlled substance. full review
  28. Samsara 2012 A continuous flow of images of the natural world and the human tide that dominates it. full review
  29. The Waiting Room 2012 Both a depressing indictment of a system that prioritizes health care based on insurance coverage and, at the same time, uplifting, if only because of the extraordinary professionals who keep it going - barely. full review
  30. Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale 2012 An ambitious, blood-soaked retelling of an uprising by Taiwanese natives against Japanese occupiers. full review
  31. Bones Brigade: An Autobiography 2011 An exhaustive - no, make that exhausting - look at a team of young skateboarders ... full review
  32. True Legend 2011 full review
  33. We Were Here 2011 It is both a testament to the fallen and a series of life lessons from five brave survivors, lessons about finding the best in ourselves in the worst of times. full review
  34. Kaboom 2010 The film is Araki's most ambitious to date, with a quick pace, music that's hip and cool and a mood that alternates between playful and eccentric. full review
  35. The Hunting Party 2007 Politics aside, The Hunting Party is a breezy, occasionally bumpy ride that ultimately becomes a satisfying journey. full review
  36. /titles/197876 Literally a pallid imitation of the original. full review
  37. /titles/200171 The cinematography is invariably stunning, featuring lovely scenes of wildlife and lichen-encrusted landscapes. That alone makes it worth going along for the ride. full review
  38. /titles/198141 Seifert approaches the subject from the perspective of a concerned father of three youngsters and he comes across as earnest and well-intentioned. full review
  39. /titles/199531 Skarsgard is riveting throughout as a man whose high morality is steeped in hypocrisy and whose mask of civility easily slips, when challenged, to reveal the monster beneath. full review
  40. /titles/197608 Sad, sweet, dark, funny and possibly even redemptive. full review
  41. /titles/200365 Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy this visually splendid, fast-paced blast through the past. full review
  42. /titles/197090 As fictional Vulcan Spock might have pronounced: "Fascinating." full review
  43. /titles/197700 When this device works, it works well. When it doesn't, one finds oneself sighing a lot as the movie rolls onward. full review
  44. /titles/197295 Too bad Stage Fright isn't a better movie. full review
  45. /titles/197591 Despite Church's solid performance, Whitewash feels so leaden in its gravity, it borders on dull. full review