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  1. Broken 2013 Norris' film does find a beating heart, if not exactly a focus, in the tender father-daughter relationship between Archie and Skunk, nicely underplayed by Roth and Laurence. full review
  2. Breathing 2012 full review
  3. Storage 24 2012 A London self-storage facility provides an appropriately eerie location for Storage 24, an amiably routine genre pic that combines sci-fi and horror elements. full review
  4. Burke and Hare 2011 Where the script stumbles is in its absence of any especially funny setpieces or memorable lines. full review
  5. Last Days Here 2011 A surprise back-from-the-brink redemption proves reliably engaging in rock-doc Last Days Here. full review
  6. /titles/199567 Bringing an appreciative outsider's perspective to the sights, sounds and polyglot energy of New York, Klapisch and his collaborators ensure that the two hours whiz by decoratively and entertainingly. full review
  7. /titles/198040 Overall, it's just enough to send the date-movie crowd home with a smile on their face and a tingle of joy in their heart. full review
  8. /titles/201021 There's little that's exactly new or fresh in Hammer Films' latest exercise in retro horror. full review

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