Charles Taylor,

  1. Kill Bill: Volume 2 2004 for all the craft that's gone into Kill Bill, Vol. 2, despite the chance Tarantino has taken in departing from the wham-bam movement of the first half, my final reaction to the movie is, so what? full review
  2. Bulletproof Monk 2003 [A] lightweight but delightful martial-arts romp.
  3. The Human Stain 2003 The Human Stain takes a complex work of literary art and reduces it to tasteful melodrama. full review
  4. The Missing 2003 The Missing is holiday entertainment for anyone who likes either a dollop of feminist uplift or family values (or both!) with their bloodletting. full review
  5. Something's Gotta Give 2003 Something's Gotta Give is exactly the kind of 'adult' dreck that you'd expect to see on Broadway.
  6. The Station Agent 2003 The Station Agent never leaves its sleepy patch of New Jersey. But when it's over, you know you've been somewhere. full review
  7. The Believer 2002 A bad movie -- really a terrible movie -- with a daring idea behind it. full review
  8. The Master of Disguise 2002 Dana Carvey makes a lackadaisical 'comeback' as a man of a thousand faces, none of them funny. full review
  9. The Sum of All Fears 2002 The Sum of All Fears pretends to be a serious exploration of nuclear terrorism, but it's really nothing more than warmed-over Cold War paranoia. full review
  10. The Sweetest Thing 2002 This picture is one of the flattest, stupidest, unfunniest sex comedies -- as well as one of the worst all-round pictures -- I've ever seen. full review
  11. Ali 2001 This could be the only movie we'll get on the fighter, and it's just not good enough. full review
  12. Along Came a Spider 2001 A dreary, ludicrous thriller. full review
  13. The Glass House 2001 Wesley Strick, the screenwriter, is my hero. I admire anyone who's figured out how to do as little work as he does and still make a good living. full review
  14. Hannibal 2001 Very likely the worst film of this year and quite possibly the next. full review
  15. The Score 2001 The movie is so determinedly low-key that after a while it sits on the screen like a layout from Architectural Digest. Even the actors seem dimmed. full review
  16. The Shipping News 2001 Where The Cider House Rules was one of the most exquisite examples of classical Hollywood filmmaking in years, Chocolat was no more than a trite, pleasant trifle. The Shipping News, well made as it is, isn't even up to that standard. full review
  17. The Thomas Crown Affair 1999 full review
  18. Ever After: A Cinderella Story 1998 Barrymore has the sort of charm that can make you cockeyed with happiness. full review
  19. Little Voice 1998 full review
  20. Nightwatch 1998 full review
  21. The Prince of Egypt 1998 The Prince of Egypt is middlebrow kitsch, but kitsch straining for respectability and therefore without the energy that can make kitsch entertaining. full review
  22. Two Girls and a Guy 1998 Downey's last scene knocks the wind out of you: You may feel you need a moment or two before you can get up out of your seat. full review
  23. Amistad 1997 Amistad is prestige filmmaking bereft of inspiration -- sometimes even of the nuts and bolts of craft. full review
  24. The Apostle 1997 full review
  25. Chasing Amy 1997 It could prove to be as bad a date movie for some couples as it might be a real turn-on for others. Anyone with set ideas about sex roles or orientations is likely to get steamed. full review
  26. Hercules 1997 Pretty appalling. full review
  27. The Ice Storm 1997 I don't know when I've seen actors realize so many affecting moments in such a muddled conception. Lee's aestheticized approach is its own kind of ice storm. full review
  28. Jackie Brown 1997 [Tarantino] wanted to give Grier a role worthy of her, and he has. If only he'd given her a movie worthy of her as well. full review
  29. The Peacemaker 1997 full review
  30. Picture Perfect 1997 What Picture Perfect sells as romance is a junior high school health class morality lecture we all got years ago. And it was a crock then, too. full review
  31. Welcome to Sarajevo 1997 Messy and visceral, with an articulate, pointed anger that's recognizably British, "Welcome to Sarajevo" hits with an impact that's not diminished by the fact that Sarajevo's uneasy peace has held. full review
  32. Trainspotting 1996 Hip, brutally honest and humane... full review
  33. King Kong 1976 full review
  34. Charade 1963 Made when the studio system was on its last legs, Charade still feels fresh, quick-witted, nothing like the artificial, airless Hollywood pictures of its time. full review
  35. /titles/197415 Like going out for a bad meal with a group of people you love being with. You're happy to be in their company; you just wish you didn't leave feeling hungry. full review